461 Apartments for rent in Massachusetts (MA)

Massachusetts is not your average popular state; it’s the best for a living because it’s here you get the high-quality education, medical care, and career. Boston, the capital of the Bay State, is also its oldest and largest city offering its visitors the Freedom Trail, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Red Sox. Not even to mention the first colony in Plymouth and the witch trials in Salem as well as paramount historical, cultural and sports destination in the US. The Bay State is most populous in the New England region, and there’s a good reason. The first in education, the second in healthcare and the fifth in economic growth, employment, and innovation, Massachusetts is renowned for its diversity and progressive prowess. Consider the giants like Massachusetts General Hospital, Liberty Mutual, Biogen, and Boston Scientific – nine more Fortune 500 companies are in this state, let alone the state’s thriving technology sector. Education is even better, with such globally respected institutions like Harvard University, MIT, and Boston College.