12711 Apartments for rent in California (CA)

Welcome, stranger, to the breaker of dreams, the maker of celebrities, the one and only – the Golden State! It gave birth to the shticks of modern culture, including the Internet, PC, the film industry, and even the hippies. Some argue it’s just a state, but we know it’s something bigger. After all, 40 million people could choose California for nothing, right? Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco – take your pick to visit the major American tourist attractions, from the Hollywood sign to the Golden Gate Bridge. California has the 5th largest economy of the globe, ahead of any other US state. Naturally, several of the richest people live here. There’s Silicon Valley for tech geniuses, Hollywood for movie stars, and 53 Fortune 500 companies for all the rest. California has the most (13, to be more specific) top American Universities with the leaders like California Institute of Technology and Stanford University, sharing the first place, and the UC in Los Angeles, Berkeley, and San-Diego in top-20.