10918 Apartments for rent in Colorado (CO)

You know how people get proud over the weirdest stuff? Well, Colorado’s called the Centennial State, because it took them 100 years to become a state after the Declaration of Independence was signed. And maybe there’s a good reason for that pride: people are relaxingly prosperous. After all, why worry and rush? Nature in Colorado is unmatched: choosing between the Southern Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, you won’t find a single scenery that deserves to be called ‘ordinary’. Big and small cities boast the upper-class vibe. Denver, the capital of the state, is well-known for its street art and steaks. Aspen, the culinary capital of Colorado, is home to the Food & Wine Classic event, as well as several movie stars and musicians. The government is a great employer (consider NORAD, the United States Air Force Academy, and Colorado State University). The rest of the jobs are in agriculture, a bit in manufacturing, a lot in finance and the production of beer. Fun fact: marijuana is legalized here; maybe that’s one of the reasons why locals are happy.