13419 Apartments for rent in Maryland (MD)

None of the fifty states understands American Dream as good as Little America does: it has the wealthiest households in the country, the biggest rate of millionaires per capita, and the lowest poverty rate in the nation. It also has a turbulent history as the state of birth of religious freedom and the land generous enough to grant its part to Washington, DC. Natural tourism is popular in the west of the Old Line State; beach tourism on the oceanic resorts of the Eastern Shore. There’s also Baltimore: choose between the Harborplace, the Camden Yards, or the Baltimore Aquarium. Aside from agriculture, fishing, and tourism, the proximity of the US capital plays its role. Administrative jobs prevail, as do a number of technical ones in defense and bio-research for Emergent BioSolutions, Goddard Space Flight Center, the National Institutes of Health, Food and Drug Administration, the Celera Genomics. Top universities of the state (and the nation alike) are Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland in College Park and Baltimore County.