4538 Apartments for rent in New Mexico (NM)

Forget your Spanish lessons: in the Land of Enchantment, you’ll learn how different the language can be if you isolate a territory from the rest of the world, closing together two different nations. It’s not really a densely populated state. Instead, reaffirming its name, New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanic population among the states, and one of the highest percent of Native Americans. No wonder, since it was their land from the very beginning. Today, people still come to New Mexico in search of the Native American arts, music, and cuisine – all in all, Navajo reservation is the largest in the nation. Whether Santa Fe or Albuquerque or one of the smaller towns, the ethnic tinge won’t let you go. For jobs, hunt in the industries of oil and gas production, IT, and tourism. There’s always an option of government-related jobs – how about New Mexico State University, one of the best in the country?