18 Things You Should Do Right After the Move

Do you know what to do right after you move to the new place? You need to prepare the plan and understand your further steps clearly.

We have already posted our ultimate moving checklist, so we recommend you checking it out if you are still planning the whole moving process.

Inspect Your New House

So you just moved in and have a massive pile of boxes full of stuff waiting for you to unbox them, what’s next?

First of all, leave your boxes and give yourself a tour around the house. Evaluate the condition of the place and look what kind of staff this place already has: furniture, dishes, shelves, sofas, and tables.

inspect the house

This is the moment when you have to start making plans where your table will be located and what wall you want to put your posters on.

Take Photos Of Your New Property

Now it’s time to make fresh photos of your new apartment. When you move in, you give a security deposit to your landlord, and he’ll be able to deduct the damage costs when you move out.

The best way to ensure the safety of your security deposit is to make fresh photos of the place and highlight all the problematic areas that have already been there.

This way, you’ll be able to see what damage was caused by you or your pet and whether you are responsible for the particular damage.

Create A Checklist Of The Things You Have To Do

Once you finished the house inspection and the photoshoot, we would recommend you taking a seat and making a quick ‘To-Do’ list.

As of right now, you’ve got a lot on your plate to deal with. You’ll have to move furniture around, unpack lots of things and make your place cozy. It takes lots of different steps to perform, so the best way to keep track of what you’ve already done and what you’re still up to is to make a full list of your tasks.

Locate The Electrical Panel And Shutoff Valves

Things at home tend to break or leak; that’s the tough reality. We strongly recommend you find out the location of the electrical panel and the shutoff water valves in your new house.

electric panel

This will make you feel safe and secure. If anything happens to the lights, you can go to your electrical panel and figure out what’s up or shut the electricity off. And if there is any leak at your apartment, you’ll know how to shut everything off and wait for someone skilled enough to fix it.

Expert tip: Did you know that Rentberry helps you submit the maintenance request to your landlord online in a few clicks? Create the task, put a priority level on it, and wait for your landlord to take care of it. It’s easy: check our guide, and don’t forget to apply for your dream apartment.

Set Your Utilities Up

That’s what you had to do in advance, but I understand that sometimes we tend to forget things.

We recommend getting the utilities up and running ASAP for those who didn’t set everything up since these are the things that define the comfort of your stay.

Inspect Your Boxes And Check For Damage

Now take a look at that massive pile of boxes; it’s time to approach it! Before unpacking it, you should consider checking if there is any damage caused by the moving company.

If you find any damage, you should file a damaged claim and make sure you compensate for it.

Tune In Your Home Security System

Home security is one of the key things to work on when you move into the new place. The first night will feel weird in the new location, so the best thing you can do is to make sure that you are safe and secure. All the other things are not so important as this.

The security system should be tuned in, and the alarm should be on.

Recycle The Packaging Materials You Used

Once you’ve unpacked every box, you need to work on recycling the boxes. Nowadays, it crucial to recycle trash cause our planet is getting too much harm from humanity daily.

So recycling your boxes will be a very responsible thing to do.

Organize The Closets Properly

Your closets should be organized neatly without a rush. Once you decide to rush this process and start doing a sloppy job, note that you’ll be punished later.

organize your closet

The closet is the place that gives you access to your clothing at any time of the day. A good start will be to fold your clothing attentively and carefully.

Clean Up Your New Place

Once you’ve unpacked everything, you’ve got lots of trash to take care of. First of all, you’ve got lots of packaging materials that we recommend recycling.

Then clean all the rooms in your new apartment and make sure you feel comfortable here.

Dust and dirt are the enemies of a good impression, and you must get the best possible impression of your new place. This will make your adaptation process much faster.

Babyproof Your Apartment

When you move into the new place with kids, you’ve got to work hard on making it babyproof. Kids tend to touch the stuff they shouldn’t and get involved in activities that may hurt them.

Safety of your kids should be your priority number one, so if you are a mom or a dad, make sure this is the first thing you do. It’s more important than anything else on this list, trust me.

We’ve created a detailed guide on How to Babyproof Your Apartment, where we describe tips to make your rental safe for kids, but keep functionality for adults.

Clean Your Heater And AC Unit

When you rent a place, you get yourself an apartment that someone else used for a long time. Of course, you have no idea how responsible this person was when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the heater, AC unit, etc.

We strongly recommend you to clean your heater and AC unit right away, so you wouldn’t get this headache later. And remember that maintaining these crucial elements of your apartment ensures your comfortable life.

Figure Out Where The Trash Should Be Thrown Out

Yes, it may sound weird, but we know many examples of people having this issue right after the move. Some districts may move their trash bins somewhere else, and it can become a real quest to find them.

trash bins

As one of our editors did recently, the best bet will be to ask your landlord or your nearest neighbor regarding it. The moving process leaves you with lots of trash, and you’ll have to deal with it soon, so knowing where to throw it out is crucial.

Check Smoke Detectors And Replace If Needed

Smoke detectors are usually required to be installed by the law, so wherever you move in, you’ll have those on your ceiling.

Check them, fix or replace if needed and you’ll sleep safely and happy like a baby.

Greet Your New Neighbors

Meeting your new neighbors is fun. Say hello to your nearest neighbors and let them know that now you occupy this space.

It will be nice to bring some fruits and treats as a welcome present and offer them a cup of tea at your place if you want to know better who you live with.

Locate The Health Care Providers

When we talk about safety, we need to remember to take care of our health. Locate the nearest health care provider get in contact with them.

Make sure that now you have a defined place where you can get assistance with any health issues that may occur.

Help Your Pets To Acclimatize

Your pets can also have stress while moving to a new place. You have to pay more attention to their needs and make their stay at your new apartment as hassle-free as possible.

pets adaptation

Show them where you put their bowls with the water and food, make their toilet accessible, and play with them as much as you can. Cats and dogs get used to new places faster when they play and fool around with their owner, understanding that he/she is here with them and everything is okay.

Connect To The World Again

The majority of our population cannot imagine their lives without the internet, and that’s understandable. When you move into a new place, the internet may not be connected.

Find the internet provider, set up the router, and schedule the next payment in order not to lose your communication channel.

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