Allergy-Free Cities International Report 2019

Hay-fever and pollen are the most unpleasant things on Earth sometimes, right? Unfortunately, there are too many cities in the world that are the worst for allergy sufferers.

However, we’ve got you covered and prepared the list of the cities you’ll enjoy living in with the low pollen and fewer chances of getting the hay-fever these days.

While preparing this list, we’ve analyzed the data on from world and national agencies that made research on the pollen level and other things affecting the life of spring allergy sufferers.

There are a few things that increase the chances of getting an allergy. It all depends on the guidelines that your city applies towards trees planting. Unfortunately, some cities plant the trees that are heavy pollen-producers and, therefore, worsen the life of local allergy sufferers. Plus they increase the chances of people living there getting the hay-fever.

With that being said, we start the list of the cities where you’ll have a chance to take a break from the allergy routine and live your life happier. We’ll start with the US cities and then add more from Canada and Europe. Our list covers the whole world.

1. Portland, Oregon

One of the best places in the United States to live and avoid the allergy is Portland. This city has one of the lowest pollen levels and, according to the AFA 2019 Spring Allergy Capitals Report, local residents have access to the necessary medical assistance if they catch an allergy.

According to the national statistics, Portland air quality happened to be unhealthy only once in 2018. That’s the main reason why this city becomes a champion in this list.

2. San Jose, California

You will feel great in San Jose during both spring and autumn. According to the latest reports, the pollen level is low, and local residents do not have allergy issues often.

Statistics show that the level of air pollution here is lower than the national average, making this city a sweet spot for allergy sufferers.

Considering the fact that San Jose also happens to be a great city to live in with a very progressive urban life, we genuinely believe that this is a great choice of citizenship for anyone.

3. Denver, Colorado

Denver for allergy sufferers

Okay, Denver is not ideal, we know. Unfortunately, this city happened to experience more than a month of bad air quality in 2018. This means that this city ranks way lower than others on the list.

However, we believe that there must be a balance in everything. Denver is a magnificent city, and the air quality there is not bad either. While sometimes the pollen level may rise a bit, it’s still a better place to live than New York, London or any other big city with heavy pollen problems that.

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Having less than 10 days with a high pollen level, Colorado Springs makes it to the top-10 in the nation’s best places for allergy sufferers.

The 2019 AAFA report states that this city has a better air quality than more than most of the metro areas in the United States.

The population of Colorado Springs is less than a million, and the average rent price is around $1185. This city is also quite affordable and comfortable for family life.

5. Victoria, British Columbia

So generally, one of the reasons why cities become a risk zone for allergy sufferers lays in the male-trees being planted everywhere. The main task of the male trees is producing pollen, so that female trees could use it to produce seeds later.

When your local government doesn’t pay enough attention to these problems and plants too many male trees, you get yourself a city with impossible living conditions.

A few Canadian cities noticed that problem. That’s why Victoria has the lowest number of male trees. It has a green tree canopy and may be considered the best place to live for people with allergy.

6. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa allergy free city

Among the biggest Canadian cities, almost all of them have problems with the male trees. Vancouver, Toronto and other cities should not be your best bet in this.

The second most livable cities for you is Ottawa. While being the capital of the Great White North, Ottawa is a very progressive city where you’ll find everything you may need for a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll be able to secure a great one-bedrom place in Ottawa for around $800.

7. Vienna, Austria

Just about the greatest place for running noses. Vienna is considered one of the most comfortable cities in Europe since Austria pays a lot of attention to the urban development of the city. They make improvements that affect the daily life of an average Vienna citizen and makes his life better every day.

One of these things is their work on the green canopy and trees that do not produce pollen. They have one of the lowest pollen levels in Europe as of 2019. Mark this city as one of your next European destination for allergy-free life.

8. Barcelona, Spain

Allergy sufferers need a proper environment to live in. Besides the low pollen level and an ability to avoid hay-fever, they need to maintain a healthy coastal lifestyle and get clean air with the sea breeze.

You’ll find it in Barcelona and won’t need to go anywhere else. Among the coastal cities with the allergy-free life, Barcelona is considered a Spanish gem.

Summing Things Up

There a lot of aspects affecting the life of allergy sufferers. Unfortunately, some cities do not have the best air quality and should be avoided. We want you to focus on the positive moments and consider our list a key to a successful allergy-free life.

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