Rentberry’s Picks: 6 Neighborhoods in Berlin for Newcomers

Berlin is an eccentric city that attracts people from all over the world. Some would visit only for a weekend, and some would seriously consider spending the rest of their lives (or at least a few years) in one of the most outstanding European capitals. 

As David Bowie once said, “Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.” Germany’s capital is truly diverse and eclectic, and it can become an excellent place for living for any of us. Berlin will happily welcome anyone from dreamy artists and hungry entrepreneurs to families with young kids, ambitious students, and senior citizens. 

However, similarly to the city itself, all of its twelve neighborhoods are different. So before packing your suitcase and renting the apartment in the city, make sure to choose the neighborhood in Berlin that will meet all your requirements. 


In fact, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg localities, which also found their way to the list of top Berlin districts for newcomers, are one borough in the city’s very heart. However, they were merged as parts of East Berlin and West Berlin, respectively, so even now, they have an utterly different vibe and would be suitable for a different set of needs and requirements. 

Friedrichshain will be a perfect place to live for any lover of street art, a vibrant lifestyle, and constant action. Historically, this district has been home to many squats as well as became a cradle of counterculture in Berlin. Even though lately things have settled down, this young, industrial vibe is still alive. 

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Coming to this borough today, you can expect plenty of restaurants, cafés, art galleries, and boutiques. Additionally, Friedrichshain has some of the best bars and techno clubs, such as the famous R.A.W site, which should be visited by anyone who wants to get acquainted with Berlin’s subculture. 

Rental prices in Friedrichshain are very affordable, which might be yet another reason it attracts so many young people. So if you’re searching for a place in Berlin where the party never stops, consider renting a place in Friedrichshain. 


Now it’s time to talk about the second part of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg borough, namely Kreuzberg. Similarly to Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg had some wild times, but as a part of West Berlin, it took an alternate route in the 20th century.

This district developed under the influence of various cultures and movements, and in contrast to industrial Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg is more bohemian and chic. Today it might be the most multicultural borough of Berlin, which is remarkably multicultural by itself: 21% of the whole city population is foreign-born.

renting in Kreuzberg

It would be a crime not to mention its rich Turkish community, which influences the way Kreuzberg operates — from authentic, cheap, and delicious foods on every corner to the Turkish market twice a week.

Thanks to its constantly growing popularity, Kreuzberg cannot boast low prices when it comes to renting an apartment. However, as soon as you find yourself on the lively streets of this borough, full of bars, clubs, art exhibitions, and a diverse crowd, you will agree that it’s totally worth it. 

Prenzlauer Berg

If you wonder where to stay in Berlin and search for something way calmer and, well, nicer than prior options, you should take a closer look at Prenzlauer Berg. Here you can see the most respectable and pleasant side; no wonder it is so popular among families with kids! If you are moving with a little one, you’ll be surprised by the number of playgrounds and children’s cafes.

Prenzlauer Berg is one of a few areas in Berlin that could preserve some of its former beauty during World War II, so prepare to marvel at the old buildings, which are in perfect condition, while walking those cobblestoned streets! 

This borough is all about well-being, sustainability, and healthy living with its countless vegan restaurants and juice bars, so it will also be the best fit for anyone pursuing this lifestyle. 

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Prenzlauer Berg has a calm, residential vibe, a perfect district in Berlin for those tired of the hustle and bustle of a capital city but not ready to move to the suburbs.


A few years ago, Neukölln would not appear on the list of best Berlin neighborhoods, as it was considered a pretty tough area to live in. However, things are changing, and right now, Neukölln found itself in the middle of a transformation, as more and more locals and expats perceive this borough as a great place to rent or buy an apartment.

The way Neukölln is developing can be compared to Kreuzberg during its early stages. This neighborhood is home to a big Turkish, Kurdish, and Arab community, but lately, it also attracts seekers of the bohemian way of living tired of Kreuzberg’s popularity. For this reason, Neukölln is rapidly flourishing, and you can find more and more popular places to eat and hang out on its street each year. 

Some of the parts have already gotten expensive to rent an apartment in, but with a bit of luck, you can still find some real estate gems in Neukölln.


Mitte is located in the middle of the city and is, probably, the most well-known neighborhood in Berlin. Being one of the main boroughs of East Berlin, Mitte has a lot of legendary landmarks, such as Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, and Brandenburger Tor. No wonder it attracts tourists from all over the world!

apartments in Prenzlauer Berg

That being said, if you’re a newcomer to this city and do not mind being surrounded by tourists, Mitte might be a great place to rent an apartment and start getting acquainted with Berlin. Of course, here you can expect to find many shops and small local boutiques, as well as various restaurants and pubs. What’s more, this urban-looking neighborhood crawls with entrepreneurs and startuppers, so if you dream of launching your own tech company one day, you’ll be in the right place!


Charlottenburg is another quiet and peaceful neighborhood on Berlin’s map. Some people might consider it boring, while others enjoy its comfortable pace and clean streets. Older people like residing in Charlottenburg for its tranquility, while some upper-class families choose the area because of the variety of posh shops and boutiques. 

Similarly to other neighborhoods in Berlin, there are many excellent restaurants, but you should pay special attention to Asian cuisine in Charlottenburg. There are dozens of Asian restaurants of all kinds that will surprise you!

As you could have guessed, Charlottenburg is a pretty pricey place to settle, but if you’re looking for polished Berlin and have some money to spend, this neighborhood will be a perfect option.

One of the biggest advantages of Berlin might be its diversity in every way. That is why anyone can find a perfect neighborhood to live in this city, no matter their income, age, or lifestyle. Use Rentberry to find your next perfect home in Berlin and, hopefully, this guide will help you to make the right choice!

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