Rent payments in BERRY

December Product Update: Meet BERRY Payments

Christmas time is magical. We know for sure what would be the best gift for our users, so it’s time to open the biggest present from us!

Here at Rentberry, we’ve prepared a significant update for tenants and landlords to make their life much easier in 2019.

Today we’ve finalized the native BERRY token adoption on the platform and released the rental payments. Our team worked hard and is excited to introduce one of the core features of Rentberry platform.

How BERRY Payments Work

We have this whole ecosystem developed to implement token payments. The ecosystem is free from fraudulent transactions and provides our landlords with an express access to the rent payments from their tenants.

Since all payments are stored in the decentralized blockchain network, cannot be hacked by the third-party individuals or controlled by a single company. This ensures the safety of each and every payment sent from tenants to landlords on Rentberry platform.

Tenants can send rent payments based on their rental agreements with the landlords. To send new payment tenants will have to put in the wallet address of the landlord, fill in the amounts that need to be paid and proceed with the payment.

New Berry Payment

Both parties will be notified about the successful transaction on the profile page, so it’s easy to make sure that the payment went through.

Landlords who linked their wallet in the profile will be able to collect rent online automatically. We’ve also made it possible to track down every payment and review the transactions history.

Berry payments history

Access your wallet any time and run a search among received payments to make sure your tenants pay on time. Easily view the details of all your transactions, including current payment status, send and completion dates.

BERRY transactions history

Invite and encourage all of your tenants to pay via Rentberry’s token payments and see how convenient it is to collect rent payments online. Manage your transactions efficiently by setting the rent amount, deposits and charges.

Where Do I Get Berry Tokens?

You can buy BERRY tokens on authorized exchanges like HitBTC and IDEX using cryptocurrency or fiat. All you need is
 a digital wallet and you’re good to go. We have a whole Help Center section that explains how to use our token.

BERRY Token Explained

How Can I Benefit from Berry Payments?

BERRY payments are different from regular cash dealing, checks, and bank operations. We worked out a set of fundamental benefits that you may

  • No Fees

Payments are cheaper than regular bank transactions. Receiving and paying rent on our platform is free.

  • Enhanced Security

Highly encrypted transactions within the blockchain network. Sensitive data won’t be compromised.

  • Faster Transactions

Payments are executed rapidly. Bank transactions are not even close to this speed.

What’s Next?

Rentberry team is very excited about the upcoming year. We have so many amazing features and releases planned.

While our Co-Signer Network is in a full-speed development, we’re looking forwards to disrupt the long-term rental market worldwide. Our goal is to double the number of processed properties and applications our landlords receive monthly.

Let’s make some noise in 2019!

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