Market Spotlight: Suburbs to Live and Rent in Philadelphia

There are plenty of reasons to love Philadelphia — fantastic art scene, superb food you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and so much more! Even TIME magazine included it in its list of the world’s greatest places in 2021. But, being the sixth-largest city in the country, Philly is polluted, overpopulated, and has high crime levels.

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us (except how to wash our hands right), it’s that the suburbs can be an amazing place to live. If you choose the right location, you can benefit from all the perks the big city has to offer, but save money on housing and enjoy some peace and quiet when you need it. So, today we are going to list Philadelphia suburbs where you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

King of Prussia

Driving distance to Philadelphia: 20 miles (or 25 min)
Average rental price: $1,884
Median property value: $320,800
Walkability score: 36/100

This Philadelphia suburb is home to the third-largest mall in the country, but that’s not the only reason why King of Prussia is listed in our article. Living here is convenient and easy, and there are many employment opportunities even without the need to commute to Philadelphia.

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One of the problems to keep in mind is traffic and parking — some residents drive to Philly every day to work, and people from all around come to the King of Prussia Mall. While you do need to have a car to get around, it might be bothersome to drive sometimes.


Driving distance to Philadelphia: 8 miles (or 14 min)
Average rental price: $1,944
Median property value: $355,400
Walkability score: 91/100

Ardmore is another Main Line Philly suburb, located right before Bryn Mawr. Based on this fact, you know it’s easy to commute from here to downtown Philadelphia, and you will be living in a prime area. This place boasts many small family-owned businesses, an excellent farmers market at Suburban Square, and good public schools for children.

Moving to Ardmore, you can expect an urban feel and energy, but all the perks of a smaller town. It’s very friendly, safe, and pleasant. What’s more, you can find any type of real estate you might need — from spacious houses for large families to small one-bedroom apartments.


Driving distance to Philadelphia: 14 miles (or 22 min)
Average rental price: $1,299
Median property value: $415,200
Walkability score: 73/100

One of the more expensive towns on our list, Swarthmore has plenty to offer to its longtime residents and newcomers. Ranked #5 of all places to live in Pennsylvania and #7 of towns to raise a family by Niche, Swarthmore is charming and beautiful. As soon as you take a walk through ​​the Swarthmore College campus and meet an enthusiastic community of town residents, you’ll never want to leave.

Although it’s a college town, it lacks the noise and chaos of many places with an abundance of students. Nightlife here is almost nonexistent, but there are always some public events to attend at the ​​Swarthmore College, such as lectures, concerts, and performances.

Bryn Mawr

Driving distance to Philadelphia: 10 miles (or 17 min)
Average rental price: $2,016
Median property value: $296,400
Walkability score: 77/100

A small town in a perfect location, Bryn Mawr is favored by many young professionals, thanks to the ease of commuting to Philly. Families with little kids love this suburb for its safety, superb schools, and pleasant vibe. Also, many students choose to settle here to study at the prestigious Bryn Mawr College. These groups of residents greatly influenced what Bryn Mawr has become — a trendy and hip area with lots of restaurants, cafes, and shops.

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It is an area on the Main Line, which makes it more expensive than some other suburbs on our list. However, you will not be disappointed if you decide to rent a place in Bryn Mawr


Driving distance to Philadelphia: 14 miles (or 23 min)
Average rental price: $1,688
Median property value: $331,400
Walkability score: 94/100

This town of a little over 5,000 people was ranked as the 6th best place to retire in the US. So, as you might have guessed, the quality of life here is truly unbeatable. With some charming parks, a good selection of restaurants, and plenty of events, it has everything you might need for a quiet life in suburbia. But, don’t think that Media is your ordinary place to retire.

Lots of families and younger residents are attracted to this town thanks to the affordable cost of housing and living.  Also, it’s hard not to fall in love with its warm and friendly community. Media happily welcomes everyone — no matter your age or income. 

If you move here, make sure to go to Dining Under the Stars, which takes place every summer. This event on main State Street became the all-time favorite of many local residents. 


Driving distance to Philadelphia: 8 miles (or 14 min)
Average rental price: $1,670
Median property value: $415,000
Walkability score: 89/100

Narberth is cozy and very small, offering residents the taste of perfect suburban life. If you move here with small children or only planning to start a family, you will be surprised to learn how many events and festivals it holds. There is always something to see and take part in — from dance classes and music lessons to an unforgettable Dickens festival in December.


Driving distance to Philadelphia: 15 miles (or 18 min)
Average rental price: $1,969
Median property value: $306,900
Walkability score: 70/100

Conshohocken appears on all lists of the best Philadelphia suburbs, and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, this town is perfect if you plan to commute to Philly on a regular basis — you can hop on a train or bus or use a car. Many residents are proud of their close-knit community, stunning walking trails, and abundance of great restaurants. Although most of the town’s population consists of families with kids, there are also plenty of young professionals and older residents.

Conshohocken also has a great diversity of available homes: here, you can find anything from houses built at the beginning of the last century to brand-new condos.

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