Best Cities For Job Seekers With Real Employment Opportunities

Have you ever wondered what the working atmosphere is in the most livable cities in the world? Well, if the answer is a resounding yes, you should embark on reading the following article. While reading, you’ll immerse yourself in a visual journey across the best workplaces around the world.


To give you a taste of the general office environment around the world, we have compiled the most insightful employees’ opinions from the top five companies in the best cities for business and with the highest quality of living.

But what are the most livable cities worldwide?

When it comes to defining the top cities around the world, numerous factors come into play. Mercer’s quality of living report provides a clear picture of the variety of living differences between cities around the world. Mercer is a global consulting leader in health, wealth, and career solutions for businesses. It serves over 27,000 clients worldwide, and 10,000 in the US.

Mercer’s quality of living index is based on 39 factors such as consumer goods, economic environment, housing, medical and health considerations, natural environment, political and social environment, public services and transport and so on.

Then, we employ Glassdoor to gather the employees’ reviews from the five highest-rated companies for each city of the ranking.

Glassdoor offers a massive database of millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more all compiled and shared by employees.

1 – Vienna (Austria)

Vienna careers

Mars – Food & Drink Manufacturing

Work / Life balance is real. Mars gives trust and freedom to the associates and expects you to manage your work as you see fit. The mindset is always to take care of yourself and family first. That’s a wonderful thing. Working from home occasionally is common. I don’t know if there is a more flexible company. We now have paternity leave as well.

Good people. Collaborative. Helpful. Fun. It’s always people first, then work. No other place cares so much about associate development and ‘how’ you get stuff done vs. objectives and ‘what’ you get done. Overall, it’s a good culture; the company cares about the environment and its stakeholders. People are proud to work here. Decent pay and benefits. There are many reasons to love this company.

SAS – Computer Hardware & Software

Regular hours with optional overtime. You don’t feel pressured to work overtime at all, so work/life balance is good. Salary and benefits are generous. Once you are in the door, progression along your chosen path is well laid out and achievable. The staff is mostly friendly and helpful.


TU Wien – Education

Very nice colleagues, outstanding research capabilities, many opportunities for training as an employee.

Highly flexible working time. Choose your projects.

The experience varied across the different subjects I worked with. Some subjects gave the tutors a lot of responsibility and treated them as equals. I also found the opportunity to learn more in these subjects invaluable.

Raiffeisen International – Investment Banking & Asset Management

Good starting salary and social benefits. Relaxed environment, flexible time management, possibility to work from home, training opportunities inside the bank.

Stability, challenge, several employee benefits, friendly team and atmosphere, always a chance to do and learn something new and move jobs within the organization.

Bank Austria (HQ) – Banks & Building Society

Great working atmosphere, great people, a lot of new things to learn. The collegial and relaxed atmosphere. Manageable workload.

Big Company and a lot of experienced employees. Nice environment, flexible work hours, nice team, situated in a comfortable part of Vienna.

2 – Zurich (Switzerland)

Zurich careers

Google – Internet

The biggest surprise for me at Google was the energy of people. People are extremely motivated. Everyone has tons of ideas, and the next day, they’re built.

Sensirion – Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Nice work location (especially if you like walking or jogging during mid-day breaks). Lots of nice team/corporate events.

I have been working for four years at Sensirion and have been pleased with the general state of mind. The management is excellent and open to criticism. If you don’t feel happy with something, you could even spontaneously go and sit next to the CEO over the lunch break and discuss your point. You will be welcome. Everyone wants to get feedback to improve their work.

Hilti – Construction

Great international environment. The company is performance-driven. Many cross-functional project management opportunities. The culture of excellence and innovation.

SAP – Computer Hardware & Software

I have worked for a few companies in the past, but the SAP is nothing like any other corporate I have seen. It is enormous, yet they are incredibly employee-centric: from management support to career development and opportunities provided for everyone to local & global initiatives available. It just depends on your appetite and how much you want to get involved, but it’s fantastic to have almost full control of your future which is so rare in the corporate world.

The company is changing fast and trying to accommodate different generations that come with different visions of how a technology company should look like in the future. It’s still a work in progress, but so far I have only seen positive change.
I am proud to be part of SAP and hope that the younger generation will also be able to see the potential of this company in the future.

H&M – Department, Clothing, & Shoe Shops

I enjoyed working here in such a pleasant work atmosphere. It was exciting working with the rest of the staff.

Mars – Food & Drink Manufacturing

Mars is an international company that never gets bored. You are with people of many nations in an open-plan office together. The atmosphere is dynamic but never hectic. I learned a lot from Mars. In all areas, reception, sales, marketing, personnel management, client support, etc. I do not regret working there anymore. I left Mars because I moved to Munich for private reasons. The management was extremely professional. The colleagues were very pleasant. I did not find my job difficult but inspiring.

3 – Auckland (New Zealand)

Auckland careers

Air New Zealand – Airline

Very diverse staff at the Auckland Airport wonderful to work with you learn firsthand about different cultures and how to utilize your customer service skills by observing your colleagues. The customers are amazed and happy with your service.

Great place to work with a very professional and knowledgeable engineering department. The company morale is good with a no-compromise approach to safety and quality. I loved the place, and any niggles I have are only pretty small ones.

Amiable company to work for; managers are generally very approachable and listen to suggestions. Modern, bright office.

Customs Service – Public Agency

A great place to work. It allowed me to be creative and inventive regarding areas of technology advancement. I was able to use my strategic abilities to implement change for business improvement.

University of Auckland – Education

Some great benefits like support for family (discounted crèche, discounted gym, annual staff get together, access to the library). Working with students is nice. Most of them are polite. Depending on your department, it can be a supportive and fun environment.

Great work-life balance benefits, some financial support for related continuing studies in the area of work, opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments in education and lots of friendly people.

Kiwibank – Financial Services

Good base salary, solid product, with high visibility.

Great customer-focused culture, everyone from general managers to call center teams “Can do” attitude Innovative.

Deloitte – Professional Services Provider

I have been working at Deloitte full-time (More than three years). Great work culture and awesome people. Great team that is passionate about what they do and are down to earth. Central location. Nice office. Lots of opportunities to learn and develop.

4 – Munich (Germany)

Munich careers

BMW – Transport Equipment Manufacturing

I worked at BMW full-time (More than ten years). For a large company fairly dynamic. They generally hire the best candidates. The company is large, so you can normally find new and interesting areas.

Great team with hard-working ethics… international company with many possibilities for further growth.

Mars – Food & Drink Manufacturing

Huge investment in training, fast decisions, open environmental, very young team and a lot of fun at work.

Family owned company, five principles, personal development opportunities, open culture with a flat hierarchy.

Allianz (HQ) – Insurance Operator

Good opportunities for progression (depending on role), independence and freedom if line manager allows.

Good people, flexible working, good training, and development budget.

Good benefits, big company, the well-known brand to work for, summer and Christmas events paid for, good colleagues, well-organized company.

Stadtwerke Munchen – Utilities

The company culture is great. It depends on your team, too, but in general, it is very collaborative and people are very interested in getting a solution rather than a personal gain of any sort. Those are the positive effects of a company focused on long-term success due to the ownership structure, and the bonus system being bogus (yep, that can have positive effects).

MAN – Transport Equipment Manufacturing

Good reporting structure, expectations are clear, team effort, a lot of freedom in suggesting improvements.

Small office with a feeling of family. Everyone works very hard.

5 – Vancouver (Canada)

Vancouver careers

AbeBooks – Media & Entertainment Retail Shops

You’ll be surrounded by some knowledgeable people who know what they’re doing. These are world-class people who will make you a better engineer.

Good pay. Leadership principles. Beautiful office with a great view of the ocean and harbor. Excellent coffee shop nearby on the harbor.

ACL Services – Computer Hardware & Software

Good company culture. Everyone can bring the idea. The company is transparent, so getting the full picture of the project is quite easy.

Great work environment where roadblocks are escalated quickly. Innovation and challenging the status quo is rewarded.

Amazing work environment.

Starbucks – Fast-Food & Quick-Service Restaurant

Amazing benefit including medical/dental and bean stock.

I worked at one of the busiest locations in Vancouver and had learned. My manager was very supportive and took the feedback we provided and used them to improve the store. My team-mates were always ready to help and supported each other well.

Working for a big company, no matter how many mistakes you make, cause you are just learning. good environment, nice college, free drinks before, after and between your shift.

University of British Columbia – Education

The campus is in a great location and has good facilities for science research. A good place to gain a diverse set of skills for the future career.

Good employer. Lots of support services for new employees arrived from overseas.

– Free access to pretty much any important research papers
– Teaching assistant hours are very flexible, and pay is more than fair
– The high flexibility is given to pursue your research.

6 – Dusseldorf (Germany)

Dusseldorf careers

Trivago – Internet

Family-like company that values its employees.
Very dynamic and energetic people
None or a little competition between employees! It’s all about achieving the objectives all together as a team!
A perfect place to start your career.

– You get responsibility right from the beginning and the scope increases
– Teammates are intrinsically motivated and want to push new topics forward
– The company is innovative, and you can always challenge the status quo and come up with new, own ideas –> the management listens!

Henkel – Chemical Manufacturing

International company leader in 3 different business (adhesives, beauty, and Laundry). Company full of opportunities worldwide. Flexible work time and nice working atmosphere.

It’s a great career development platform. International company leader in 3 different business (adhesives, beauty, and Laundry). Company full of opportunities worldwide.

Very international company with strong process-driven, HQ decision making German culture. An excellent financial performance which comes from a positive cultural change done by Kasper Rorsted, now Adidas CEO. Committed to sustainability and with an intense focus on driving growth through innovation

There is general training for the basic stuff. Genuinely outstanding managers at the very top of the organization. Good salary conditions.

Vodafone – Cable, Internet & Telephone Provider

Good work culture. Flexible work timings. Ability to learn new technologies.

Great campus in Dusseldorf with excellent facilities like the company gym with classes, several cafes on site and good canteen.

L’ Oréal – Consumer Products Manufacturing

Entrepreneurial thinking, responsibility and Great Marketing. You have the chance to decide and execute own ideas pretty quickly, even if you are new. You can convince the management, and they will trust you to go ahead with your ideas.

Plenty of developing opportunities from the first day, dynamic and interesting industry, lots of freebies, high responsibility for entire projects, great & motivating team, learning from each other, fair feedback.

METRO (HQ) – Wholesale & Food Specialist

Very international company with the competitive pay for the industry in the headquarter positions, big campus with a good restaurant, includes access to the job market of over 20 Metro countries worldwide.

Good career opportunities globally. You can find opportunities across various Metro countries. Good salary.

7 – Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfurt careers

Deutsche Bank (HQ) – Banking & Financial Services

Ethnic and gender diverse, equal and very vibrant corporate culture. Throughout the company, there are brilliant people from the bottom to the top floors. Among the biggest investment banks, work-balance can be an issue, at least I got weekends off in DB.

Great learning opportunities for middle and senior management.

Helpful colleague, Flexible timing, good environment to learn.

PwC – Professional Service Provider

Well-organized classroom training to improve your knowledge, technical as well as social skills.

Good for the career start. A lot of foreigners, diversity, good networking. Overtimes are paid.

Great Teamwork, exciting deals, lots of responsibility.

Fair pay and benefits, Big 4, definite work-life balance.

Accenture – Professional Service Provider

Equality at levels, gender, etc. Ample opportunities and full support from leadership. Good culture mix.

Good work-life balance possibilities (paid overtime) with many different training lessons available if you are interested in deep technical knowledge and skills.

All clients are major companies; you have lots of project and travel opportunities, and people development is taken seriously, both organizationally and individually.

EY – Professional Service Provider

EY is a huge company with a lot of different interesting jobs within the company. I work together with a lot of competent colleagues.

Excellent projects, Excellent team, Great flat structure, Learning opportunities.

Project work with big accounts. Renown company. International company. Mostly traveling from Monday through Thursday to the client site.

Commerzbank – Banking

Apparent international strategy to support clients worldwide.

Team was good. I learn a lot of things in the short time of 3 months during my internship. I can recommend an internship. It depends on the department, too.

8 – Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva careers

CERN – Research Institute

The best research institute in the world and the working environment is awesome.

Great place to work for since the company works with cutting-edge technologies and exciting science projects.

Great international environment, where it not only curates but also fosters cross-pollination from many different disciplines.


Procter & Gamble – Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Multi-cultural, diverse experience. Well established processes and systems. Amazing place to start your career as at the beginning you truly learn a lot about.

Great company culture. Still a leader in old-school marketing and one of the biggest consumer goods companies in the world. Overpaying in base salary, but crap in pension commitments.

Fast track development, a lot of pieces of training, a lot of possibilities to work in different successful brands, good salary, work-life balance is actively promoted, but you should expect a lot of work in your life.

Big company, solid reputation in the market, develops within the company, global operations Geneva is the headquarter for Europe. you may get different roles including internal and external.

Université de Genève – Education

Work life balance, salary, lots of vacation days.

Diverse organization.

Leading places in many research areas include a truly interdisciplinary approach.

Independent working, flexible times. Good human relations between co-workers. In general a respectful environment.

United Nations – National Agencies

Good employment. I love the job I do. Helping others is a must, and that defines me well. Nice boss I must say.

Decent salaries, worldwide health insurance coverage, generous pension contribution scheme.

World Health Organization – National Agencies

Good exposure to experts in global health. You’ll get a chance to visit high-level meetings which are good for networking. This is great for resume and getting a job after the internship.

Great people and interesting work. A real insight into working at an international organization.

9 – Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen careers

Novo Nordisk – Pharmaceutical

Exceptional focus on work-life balance. The company does good, and its products save lives! Very supportive and enlightened management program, lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Travel is there if desired. Good support for training and tools.

Feels nice to work for a greater cause (we manufacture more than 50% of the world’s insulin for people with diabetes). We “walk the talk” – The Novo Nordisk Way is defining our values, and we are audited on these values and our 10 essentials, so we ensure that it’s not just a piece of paper but a useful tool to keep us on track 🙂 Solid business growth through many years, though we are being challenged now.

Maersk Group – Shipping

Very professional, no-nonsense, and efficient working environment. Rational people, minimal politics compared to most other companies. Respect for work-life balance (compared to RoW if not to Denmark’s public sector).

Since it is a conglomerate, there are many international career opportunities within the group. It’s mostly on the job learning; external training opportunities are none/fewer.

Good ambiance, nice people, ready to help. True international crew. Previously, workplaces were stable and secured, some people working 10 and 20 years.

Saxo Bank – Financial Services

Extraordinary office (HQ).Nice perks such as luxury gym at low cost, two high-quality meals a day, free soda and healthy snacks. Unique culture – people feel connected to the values, and the values are enabled in the physical space. Great Friday bar EVERY Friday, totally free.

Small, nimble, flat organization. a lot of influence on own job.

Given a reasonable amount of freedom to perform your work; broad exposure to derivatives; good work-life balance; nice colleagues; exposure to fintech.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – Education

A great level of independence during the workday. You are given a great deal of responsibility and can help other students future exchange semester prospects. You are treated as an adult, and as a colleague, even though you are only a student helper.

Danske Bank – Financial Services

Very nice environment with a pretty good work/life balance.

Good career opportunities, it feels like if you want it, you can get it.

The people working here reflect (most of the times) good core values that (I guess) the companies values, like integrity and responsibility (stubbornness too?).

Work-related certifications are encouraged and part of the normal employee development path.

Depending on department there can be a high level of impact and responsibility.

10 – Basel (Switzerland)

Basel careers

Syngenta – Chemical Manufacturing

Syngenta is a great company to work for, providing plenty of challenging opportunities to its employees. The recent acquisition by ChemChina opens a new perspective in the bricks. The medium-term market horizon is bright with continuous demand for higher quality food and feed. There are pockets or growth and bright spots in the Syngenta portfolio.

Good culture, good learning environment, great collaboration with members of the departments. At least you will have real responsibilities as a trainee. Mostly you will do tasks they don’t have time for, or someone did it before their position got cut. Good work-life balance.

Strengthened leadership team and getting the right strategies in place to get stronger in CP and start to gain in seeds after a long decline. Back to focus on customers and winning in the marketplace.

Universität Basel – Education

Basel is a brilliant work environment.

Infrastructure and lab spaces were great, professional administration did great in our diverse environment. We are
Located in the middle of Basel-Tow.

Jet Aviation – Aviation

Team spirit, communicative and accessible managers.

Nice atmosphere with great colleagues. Easily the best place I’ve worked at for making lots of contacts. The work is unique: outfitting VIP aircraft is not something you get to do everywhere. Work safety is taken very, very seriously, never seen anything like it.


To sum up, it is possible to state that the most important factors that describe a perfect working place should include are work/life balance, company’s culture, and environment, learning opportunities, support from managers, flexible working hours, etc. However, some employees value the company itself, together with its status and development opportunities. It is important to them that the company is among the leaders in research and innovation. In other words, the majority is emphasizing similar vital factors, but there are also some exclusions.

Written by: Taylor Ryan
CMO at

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