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The Co-Signer Network Explained

We’re currently on the final stage of the Co-Signer Network testing, and we believe that it’s time to share more details about our next massive release.

It’s reasonable that everyone wants to know how every gear of this feature will grind. Today is the day we dig a bit deeper to see what’s in it for you and what’s there under the hood.

Co-Signer Network Fundamentals

Before getting started, you will need to buy the BERRY token and Ethereum (ETH).

Start the fundraising campaigns to back their security deposits. The campaign will start once your landlord confirms it via email.

Once the campaign gets funded in full, you’ll get the keys and a chance to move into your new home.

Key Requirements: tenants will have to fill in the campaign details, connect their BERRY wallet and make a small initial payment to cover the co-signers’ interest (depending on the interest rate chosen). Learn what is a trusted co-signer campaign.

Approve tenant’s fundraising campaign request and let him proceed further. Once the full amount is collected, the smart-contract will be created and executed upon the lease agreement’s expiration date.

After the lease expiration, landlords will be able to submit the damage claims and receive the reimbursement for them if needed.

Key Requirements: landlords have to accept the campaign request, connect the BERRY wallet to receive the damage claims reimbursement if any.

Review fundraising campaigns on the platform, choose the one they want to support and contribute BERRY tokens. A small initial payment from the tenant will secure the interest rate profit amount to make it more attractive for Co-Signers to participate.

The interest rate is set by the tenant and can be no more than 10%. Tenants may manually adjust the interest rate while he/she sets up the campaign.

Key Requirements: co-signers have to connect the BERRY wallet to contribute.

Powered by BERRY Token

Powered by Berry Token

BERRY Token is a core that powers our massive platform bringing fast and secure crypto transactions to our users. This remains our native medium of exchange that will be an essential part of the Co-Signer Network as well.

Learn More About BERRY Token Benefits

Easy and Accessible for Everyone

Rentberry’s Co-Signer Network will be available for anyone who wants to participate. All you need to do is sign up on the platform and become a user of our website.

Depending on whether you’re a tenant, landlord or a co-signer, you’ll be able to access all the necessary tools to use this feature and take the most out of it.

Make sure you’re ready to become a part of our Co-Signer Network community, sign up today and stay tuned!

Confirm Your Transactions in Rentberry Wallet

Rentberry App is now your decision center where you confirm or reject your transactions. Any user can connect his/her crypto wallet and use it on our platform. This excludes the need to use third-party services to keep track of your BERRY tokens.

Confirm your transactions in Rentberry Wallet

The wallet is already available in the application, so as you can see we’ve done the necessary groundwork for this massive release. You can now pay rent faster accessing your BERRY on your phone and sending transactions on the go.

Rentberry App for iOS | Rentberry App for Android

Security Will Remain Our Trademark

Any tenant looking to start a fundraising campaign to back their security deposit will have to pass several verification stages. We take the security of our users very seriously.

Security level analysis

Every additional verification step will benefit you as a tenant. It takes a few minutes to confirm your Facebook, Email or Government ID, yet it helps you rank higher and make your campaign look more attractive for supporters.

It’s also important that you follow the basic security rules while using the cryptocurrencies. Learn how to keep yourself protected.

Benefit From Your Social Media Account

Facebook is an essential part of our lives these days. Sharing your campaign on social media may help you really put your fundraising on a spotlight and attract potential co-signers.

Review your facebook connections

While ‘a friend of your friend’ may stumble upon your social media post and make up his mind to support you, he’ll feel more confident about his decision seeing how many common friends on Facebook you have.

Keep Informed On Every Step

It’s not a surprise that our designers did a great job working on the Co-Signer Network wireframes. While the whole system looks quite simple and intuitive on the front, the back-end part of the project is doing pretty much okay as well.

We worked out every scenario of your user-journey and prepared emails and SMS notifications to make your experience smooth and convenient.

That’s all, folks!

If you have troubles using the Co-Signer Network, check out our Help Center. It has everything you need to run a campaign.

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