Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment: What to Choose?

When looking for an apartment for rent, one considers whether it is the location, facilities, special features, character or a personal touch of the place that matter most. Based on a renter’s needs a decision is made in favor of a furnished or an unfurnished property.

What’s Included in Furnished Apartments?

Fully furnished apartments for rent offer key things that make a home livable including but not limited to a bed, a wardrobe, a table, a fridge, some chairs, and a sofa. Depending on your needs and budget you could find a studio with basic furnishings or a luxury apartment with the best in comfort modern appliances and things like king size beds, fitness equipment, and exquisite decor. Whether you are a student or a business executive, you can find a home on Rentberry equipped with the furniture you need. Availability of kitchen utensils and dishes are beneficial for people who search for a temporary accommodation and might or might not be included in a furnished apartments for rent. It is also advisable to ask your landlord whether or not linen, towels and such appliances as an iron, a washer and dryer are provided or not.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Furnished Apartments

There are quite a few pros of furnished apartments. First of all, you can move in without much hassle. Just take your clothes and other necessary personal articles, put things where they belong and, voilà, your home is in order and you can invite friends for a housewarming party! Furnished apartments are convenient and allow you to save money and time as you do not have to go into expenses of buying furniture nor think over the design of your accommodation.

The cons of fully furnished apartments for rent lie in the fact that in case you have some of your own furniture, you would either have to cram it into the apartment or put to storage. Moreover, you should be careful not to damage the furniture which is not yours or else you would have to pay for the damage caused. Also, in the course of time, you might find out that the furniture does not live up to your expectations. For example, bed springs can start popping out or the kitchen cabinet won’t stay closed. You will have to solve the matter with your landlord who might accuse you of property damage in this case when it fact it could be the low-quality material to blame.

Do Furnished Apartments Cost More?

At first glance, furnished apartments for rent are more expensive compared to unfurnished properties. However, if you plan to furnish your rented accommodation, the costs of the fittings will probably exceed the savings you would achieve by renting an unfurnished apartment. On the other hand, if you think of a long-term rental, furnishing a property yourself might turn out to be more cost-effective in the end. Thus, the length of your lease contact is crucial in order to define what is worthwhile and money-wise.

Benefits of unfurnished apartments

Benefits of Unfurnished Apartments

Unfurnished apartments for rent are a tabula rasa for a creative renter who is in search of a long-term accommodation. This gives you the privilege of a free choice of how to furnish and decorate a property so that it is up to your taste. You can buy the furniture you like made of materials that you find suitable. Once you have moved in the apartment you have furnished yourself, there is no risk of stumbling over the useless pieces of furniture. You are also sure to avoid an eyesore in the form of an old TV or an ancient sideboard which you have no right to get rid of. If you ever plan to have your own house, buying furniture for the apartment might lay the foundation for acquiring the commodities for your future home.

The downside of unfurnished apartments for rent is that you would have to spend money on buying the furniture as well as hiring a moving company. Moving to such property is only possible once you have purchased the necessary stuff, and because of that is more time-consuming compared to moving to a furnished apartment.


As you can see, both types of apartments have their advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing between renting a furnished or an unfurnished accommodation, consider your budget, availability of your own belongings and the length of the lease agreement to make your renting experience a positive one!

There are plenty of unfurnished apartments for rent available on the market, so if you have your own sets of furniture, make sure you take the most out of this idea!


  1. George Brown says:

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    It’s been nice to read your article here. Thanks for knowing us about those difference between furnished and unfurnished apartment. Truly it’s informative one…

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    Extremely useful piece of information. Its Nice! how they have differentiated between both the apartments. It will be easier now for choosing the rented apartment accordingly to one’s convenience and budget. Thanks!

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