25 Ways Renters Can Go Green

We live in times when people tend to underestimate how fragile our environment is. Our editorial team genuinely believes that some of us just don’t know enough about going green. Today we want to tell you how to make your rental more eco-friendly. This post includes more than twenty ideas that you should try at home.

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Tenant Rights in Washington

The situation on the Washington real estate market is constantly moving, and you always have to act fast. When you find yourself a decent place, you must have all the documents and papers prepared to land the deal. The reason is simple; there are always more than 20 potential tenants standing in the line for the same apartment.

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How to Prepare Your House for Overnight Guest

When we invite our friends to our rentals, we tend to forget the essential things that we have to prepare for their overnight stay. Our team wants you to take it seriously and make your home feel more cozy and welcoming. Make sure you review our ultimate list of tips before your guests arrive.

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Best Places to Rent Near Boston

When we talk about the Boston area today, we always keep in mind that local suburbs are usually among the most desirable areas to live in. The main reason for this popularity is in the outstanding amenities that this region can offer to its residents.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Duplex in the US

There is a chance that you’ve already stumbled upon numerous duplexes listings while apartment hunting. We reviewed our latest rent price statistics, and we can confirm that this is an idea worth considering.

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