Renovate Your Kitchen Under $100: Ideas & Inspiration

Most of the time when you relocate to a new house, the kitchen is usually one of the places that are worn out. This is due to the constant use and presence of fire and sharp objects like cutlery. You may also decide to spruce up your kitchen to add more life to it. Kitchen improvement sounds like an expensive exercise but you can actually…

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Becoming Roommates: Essentials to Consider

Having a roommate comes with several benefits. Splitting the bills is easily the biggest pro. And it’s not just rent. It’s all of the bills that include cable, water, trash, and any other services you may pay for like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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Finding a Townhouse for Rent: Potential Tenants Tips

There is always this tough dilemma when you strive to live in a single-family house, but you’re not ready to move to suburbs. Have you considered finding yourself a townhouse for rent? There is a chance that this is exactly the lifestyle you’re looking for.

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The Tiny Room Dilemma: Smart Decoration Tips & Ideas

Your bedroom should be a place to relax and restore after a long, hard day. But if you’re living in a home with a small bedroom, it can be hard to make space feel serene while storing all your belongings.

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Canada Renter Rights Overview

Canada is a beautiful country that has very similar tenant-landlord laws to US statutes. However, there are some key differences that you’ve got to know as a Canadian renter. As our platform expands to operate worldwide, we’re excited to expand our regular section of tenant rights. Our goal is to become the first place for tenants from all over the world to come for the…

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It’s a Match: Your Perfect Loft Hunting Guide

Loft may be a great place for you to live in when you need more open space. The trend for this type of property remains upward for more than a decade now. Time goes by and people still consider lofts as one of the best alternatives to regular large-apartment rentals.

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