Painting Tips To Help You Paint Like A Pro

Every painter is different, and whether you are looking to freshen up a room or have a blank canvas on a new home, a quality paint job makes a world of difference. Each painter has their unique style and technique, and some methods for a quality paint job have been a closely guarded secret, until now. 

We’ve gathered some top tips from the professionals for those looking to paint up a storm in the home or commercial property. By following some of these tips, you can recreate a job that looks professional. 

1. Cover absolutely everything in your room

No one wants paint splattered all over your freshly painted room, especially on furniture and your belongings, so take the time to cover everything in your place and wrap it with plastic sheeting or old sheets to catch the drips and any splatters. 

Your room will be free from paint, but you will also protect everything you own from the pesky splatters that can be a pain to remove down the track. Where possible, move whatever furniture you can out of the room you are painting to make sure you are protecting your belongings. 

2. Avoid the brush marks with paint extender

If you’ve ever used a professional painter, you would be aware of the quality finish a professional paint job can offer. The pros get this look by using a paint extender or paint conditioner in the paint. This solution works to level out the brush strokes and provides a finish you will be proud of.

3. Cut in and immediately roll on the paint for each wall

Many of us have probably tried to cut corners by cutting in as much as we can across multiple walls first and then rolling on the paint. But the truth is, the professionals recommend to cut in and immediately roll on the paint for each wall. Finishing one wall before you start the other will ensure you are blending all the paint together efficiently. 

4. Make repairs before you paint

If your job is a repaint, you might need to patch up the surface and fix imperfections. Take the time to prime the surface after you have fixed it and wash the walls after you have made repairs, so the surface is in good, clean condition before you start. 

5. Wash your rollers before you paint

A great tip from the pros is to wash your rollers before you start rolling on the paint to ensure you don’t roll on the “fluff” from the brush. Loose fibers will get stuck in the paint and cause lumps and bumps, and running your hand over the roller cover will remove this ahead of kicking off your paint job.

Summing up

Every professional painter has their techniques, and if you want to get the best paint job, following some of these steps is a great place to start. While it might look simple, painting a room like a professional involves quite a bit of know-how and time.

If you want to carry out a paint job like a professional, be sure to invest in the right tools, supplies, and paint to ensure you get a quality paint job.

Lastly, you will also need to measure the square meters of the job correctly to calculate the amount of paint you need to do the job correctly, including primer. Using the tips above, you should be on your way to painting like a pro in no time.

Author bio: Luke Fitzpatrick has been published in Forbes, Yahoo News, and Influencive. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Sydney, lecturing in Cross-Cultural Management and the Pre-MBA Program. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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