Rentberry and RoomDao Strategic Partnership

Rentberry and RoomDao Join Forces In Strategic Partnership

We are excited to announce Rentberry is partnering with RoomDao to support our efforts in bringing effective blockchain powered solutions to customers worldwide.

RoomDao is a virtual marketplace that strives to improve both quality and variety of tourist services from car rental to accommodation. Rentberry is employing the same vision in the long-term rental industry, providing a transparent platform for home rental services and price negotiations, directly connecting landlords with tenants.

We are seeking to share our knowledge and expertise to further global transparent digital market. RoomDao adopts pioneering features of Rentberry, integrates its data and algorithms.

Additionally, it is planned that customers will be able to use BERRY tokens and RoomDao tokens to pay on both platforms.

Our support of RoomDao is another example of our commitment to innovative solutions that revolutionize traditional service industries with blockchain.

About RoomDao

RoomDao is a powerful solution for the tourist industry. It is providing a platform for the small local tourist service providers. Local providers are more flexible and can offer lower rates and a wider range of service. However, those companies have a hard time competing with established brands and international franchises. Travel metasearch engines, such as and, monopolize the tourist market and give preferential treatment to global brands.

RoomDao seeks to change this trend by giving small companies a powerful tool to promote and sell their services directly to the client. Expedia charges 21%, 23%, while RoomDao offers their platform for free. Their advanced booking system let users rent a car, order a transfer, hire a tour guide, book accommodation and many more. All these services would be available at a much cheaper rate with excessive fees out of the equation.

About Rentberry

Rentberry is a transparent rental application and price negotiation platform that brings together tenants and landlords. Rentberry aspires to eliminate intermediaries, brokers, agents that escalates the prices by imposing numerous fees. Instead, Rentberry creates a digital marketplace where all interested parties meet, interact and make deals without commission to the third party.

Potential tenants can bid on the place of their choice, and move in if they agree on the price with the landlord. Rentberry automates all the standard rental tasks from submitting personal information, customer offers and e-signing rental agreement to sending maintenance requests.

Common Vision

This partnership is an important step in the development of blockchain industry and decentralized markets. Our companies are pioneers in applying blockchain to the real world problems. We seek to develop new methods and approaches to democratize our industries, level the playing the field for small companies and local businesses. Rentberry and RoomDao aim to bring transparency and fair competition to the distorted markets.

Integration of two services will stimulate new technological solutions in the service industry and promote viable alternatives to established corporate brands both in tourism and renting.

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What is Rentberry?

Rental Service

Rentberry unites landlords and tenants to make their rental experience fair, secure and transparent.

Price Negotiation Platform

Affordable rent is not a myth. Negotiate the final price with your potential landlord and find a common ground together.

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Having your whole rental experience in one place is real. Sign electronic agreements and rent a perfect place in a few clicks.