Rentberry Product Update: We’re Live Worldwide!

Do you remember our last post showcasing the platform updates? Make sure you’re prepared for a bigger one, cause today our team is here to rock and drop some epic news.

Here at Rentberry, we did our best to bring your rental experience to the whole new level and today we believe it’s time to shed some light on the most recent updates that we’ve worked on. Let’s roll the first one.

Renting Can Be Done Worldwide

Today we’re happy to announce that Rentberry welcomes the landlords and tenants from all over the world.

That’s right, our platform goes international and it doesn’t matter where you’re from. Now you can use Rentberry to rent out and lease rentals worldwide.

worldwide renting

We strongly believe that our technology will bring transparency to the real estate industry of each country. Rentberry is proud to stand out among the other real estate companies and is working hard to make sure everyone would be able to find a home no matter where they live.

We’re entering new markets faster than our business development managers learn new languages, so be prepared to hear a few huge announcements of our international partnerships very soon.

Powerful Alliance with iDology to Verify Landlords

Since the very first day, our platform worked on bringing only verified listings, top quality tenants and eliminate fraud from the long-term rental experience. Time goes by, but our top priorities are the same and we thought that we’ve got to dive a bit deeper to make it real.

We partnered with the iDology verification services to unite our efforts in clearing the rental market from unreliable people.

verification process

Whenever a tenant opens our verified listing and applies for a property, he/she can be sure that the landlord passed all the needed steps of verification to become a part of our safe and honest community. On the other side, landlords will truly enjoy how fast the verification process is.

Who needs classifieds when you can browse thousands of places for rent without being afraid to be scammed?

Improved Tenant Screening Experience

Our platform offers a completely free tenant screening tool that has been tested by thousands of our landlords. While we’re getting very positive feedback on this feature, we decided to bring you an improved screening experience.

We made it faster, added a deeper data encryption and made the whole process of screening safe and hassle-free.

Since our tool has been in such a demand, we also made it widely available for anyone who wants to screen a tenant and ensure their credibility. Just give it a try, send out an invitation to any potential tenants, who are US residents, to pass a background checks and you’ll get an instant credit and criminal reports on the applicants.

Promote The Property and Land More Applications

While reviewing the best properties in each US city, we’ve noticed how much our landlords love and value their apartments, houses, duplexes, etc. We believe that it’s time for them to have a real chance of putting a spotlight on their property.

Promoted property

This is the reason why we made it possible to promote the property and bring it to the TOP. The fee is very small, yet the number of applications a landlord will get after the property promotion definitely pays off.

Do you think your property deserves to be on the top? Try this feature and start generating rental income much faster!

Rentberry Partners with WalkScore to Market Properties

We love guys from WalkScore and if you pay attention to some of our articles, you may have noticed how often we collaborate with them. Our team trusts their ability to pick the best neighborhoods by the walkability rates and their talent to market properties on their platform.

Now Rentberry property listings will reach a broader audience since we’ve partnered with WalkScore to syndicate all of our exclusive rental units. So any landlord striving to get more attention can now be sure that his/her property will be seen everywhere!

Rental Statistics Are Live to Help You Choose a Neighborhood

We decided that it’s time to put the numbers we have to good use. Having thousands of verified rental listings, our team offers you a detailed median rent price statistics for every city you’ll find on the map.

Since one of the most discussed topics on our blog is about picking the best places to live, we decided to put some meat on these bones and give out more numbers and actual facts.

Statistics show that the housing affordability is an important criteria for many people, so we made it possible to discover the average rental pricing for any kind of property in any city. To do that we use the numbers from our exclusive landlord listings and real deals.

We’ve Got the Landlords Covered with Our New Blog

You may have noticed that our Rentberry blog is all about tenancy and how tenants can find the best place to live and rent. However, we value our landlords so much that we’ve decided to launch a separate blog to make their lives easier.

Our new Landlord Tips project is now live and is starting like a cool new sports car – confidently fast. Right now you can see a lot of useful articles, tips and investment strategies. We will share our valuable insights on a weekly basis and will always bring you the hottest rental market advice.

Our Scholarship Program Is Live

We want US students to have a chance of covering a part of their rental expenses. On our end, we’ve decided to run a scholarship and give you a chance to win a $1,000 prize.

To participate in our contest, you’ll have to write a top-notch essay about the neighborhood you’ve been born and raised in. Try out your creativity and send us your works, we’ll review them and find a winner in December, 2018.

Make sure you comply with the basic guidelines of the Rentberry Scholarship and apply once you’re ready!

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