Best Places to Rent Near New York City

“He thrived on the hustle bustle of the crowds and the traffic,” once said Woody Allen describing his character’s love to New York City. Of course, what he said sounds both romantic and true, but only in part. The truth is that Big Apple is just as romantic and astonishing as it is debilitating and expensive. This city gives you all the opportunities you dare…

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Best Places to Live: Which Cities Are Especially Good for Writers

When you’re thinking of the most brilliant writers of all times, who are you thinking of? Is it grey-headed Ernest Hemingway working on his masterpiece somewhere on Cuba? Or Scott Fitzgerald lounging from bar to bar in a pursuit of a muse? Or maybe it’s Stephen King whose stories are so extraordinary you can hardly believe they’ve been produced in a head of one man?…

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Best US Cities to Pursue a Career as a Teacher

If there were the rating of the most important professions, which ones do you believe would top the list? Chances are you’re now thinking of doctors, engineers, policemen, firefighters, and teachers. Of course, this rating should absolutely include teachers. It’s hardly possible to underestimate the importance of the role teachers play for the future of kids and society as a whole. Teachers are those kids…

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Best Places to Live: Cities to Boost Your Entrepreneur’s Career

Entrepreneurship is not about starting a business from scratch, nor it is about finding new solutions to old problems. It’s rather a state of mind not everyone is born with. Of course, that’s not to say that absolutely all successful entrepreneurs are born, not made. But if you think about it for a moment, you’ll realize that the most outstanding business figures of all time…

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Best Places to Live: 7 Cities For Retirement

It may seem like there’s never been more interest in the topic of retirement than now. As the generation of Baby Boomers is nearing the respectable age, we see the increasing amount of articles on the retirement-related themes. In view of this, we decided to make the most out of the data and insider’s information we have and round up a list of best cities…

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