7 Easy Ways to Puppy Proof Your Apartment

Not many things in the world are as cute as a puppy. They draw you in with their puppy breath, chubby bellies and floppy ears. Any mischief is forgiven with a look in their puppy dog eyes.  Maybe your children have been begging for a puppy for years. Or you’ve finally moved into a place of your own and are looking for a canine companion….

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Do You Need a Home Warranty for Your Rental?

It’s a landlord’s duty, backed by the law, to provide tenants with a place that’s not only safe but “livable.” This means that it must meet specific standards of habitation (outlined by your state laws). The landlord also must ensure it stays up to those standards, which makes a home warranty seems like a good investment. This type of coverage will help ensure timely repairs…

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What Daylighting Can Do For You

All energy found on our planet, whether in our homes or in our food, originates from the sun. So why does it seem like we so often try to block out the sun’s rays? Most of us spend the better part of our lives indoors, working eight-hour days in fluorescent-lit cubicles. Modern offices and lavish apartments tout their open spaces and scenic window frames that…

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Best Ways to Keep Your Apartment in Great Condition

As a renter, you’ve put significant time and effort into finding the right place to live. Whether you’re planning on staying just for this lease or you’d like to stay long-term, you have every reason to call your apartment or condo home. While the property manager is ultimately responsible for any needed maintenance and upkeep, there is a role renters can play in keeping the…

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