The Top 10 Cities For Entrepreneurs In The US

As much as the entrepreneurial spirit demands you to assume total responsibility for your destiny, you can never be a genuinely solo operative. Anything you do, professionally or personally, will inevitably be influenced by the people in your life and the environment around you.

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Rentberry’s Picks: Perfect Cities to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy and eating clean is the new black, and there are good reasons for that. With such an insane pace of life, stress at work and on your way there (say hello to traffic jams), lack of sleep, and extensive use of gadgets, we are gradually turning into the generation of burned-out-always-tired freaks. Given this, there is no wonder why an increasing number of…

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Rentberry’s Picks: Excellent US Cities for Cycling

If for some weird and unfair reason, you think that bikes are only for kids and sportsmen, you’ll be surprised to learn that 51.4 million Americans ride bikes every now and then. Some of them use bikes as a preferred means of transportation just because it’s healthy and good for the environment. Others choose to ride a bike over driving a car because of the…

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Rentberry’s Picks: Cities For Hiking Enthusiasts and Mountain Lovers

As each year brings a wave of new technologies and gadgets, it might seem that people no longer spend much time outdoors. Despite the number of hours an average person spends on screen (can you believe it’s around 10 hours per day?), it turns out that outdoor activities in general and hiking, in particular, are gaining in popularity. According to the most recent statistics out…

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Most Pet-Friendly Cities in the US in 2022

If you are anything like 85 million Americans, you can’t resist the idea of sharing your home with a four-legged friend. Those fluffy balls keep a superpower of making any place cozy and warm. So there is no wonder why more than half of households in the country have at least one pet. Let’s face it: life is never boring when you live with a…

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