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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much does Rentberry cost?

      Rentberry offers the most affordable service on the market. As a landlord, you can use the platform free of charge unless you want to manage more than 3 properties at once. As a tenant, you only pay a $9.99 fee for your rental application. As a real estate agent, you can start using Rentberry by paying a monthly fee of $24.99. Please, visit our Pricing Page for more details.

    • What does "Custom Offer" mean?

      Tenants can set their own price for rental property. In their turn, landlords can accept or reject it, based on tenant screening results and other tenants’ offers.

    • Does Rentberry offer seasonal or vacation rentals?

      No. Rentberry is focused on residential properties only.

    • I forgot my password. How do I request my login information?

      Click “Sign In” button, then follow “Forgot Your Password?” link to request a new password.

    • How do I add my listing to Rentberry?

      Fill in the Property Listing Form, following the instructions.

    • How many photos of my property should I upload?

      You can upload an unlimited number of photos, but no less than 3 images.

    • How do I set up a multi-unit property?

      Please provide a separate listing for each property unit. Then indicate the number of every property unit in the “Unit #” field.

    • How does someone apply for My Property?

      As soon as you post your listing on Rentberry, your property becomes available for potential tenants. It will immediately appear in search results or can be reached via the direct link to your property.

    • How do I edit my listing?

      Go to your property profile page and press “Edit” button.

    • How do I delete my listing?

      Go to “Properties” tab, choose the property you want to delete, change status from Active to Inactive and press “Delete” button.

    • How should I explain Rentberry to my tenants?

      Rentberry is the only platform offering a transparent application process and one-stop-shop rental experience for both landlords and tenants.

    • Can I upload my own lease agreement to Rentberry?

      Yes, you can.

    • Can I collect rent with Rentberry?

      Sure! Rentbery uses ACH electronic network for financial transactions, so you can collect your rent online.

    • Why do you use Experian?

      Experian is a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting. Experian's credit database is constantly updated (24/7), so you can always get the latest information on the tenant’s credit score.

    • My landlord invited me to apply via Rentberry. What does it mean?

      It means that your landlord has chosen Rentberry platform to rent out property online. Create an account on Rentberry in a few simple steps, find your landlord’s property and apply for it.

    • How do I search for properties?

      Go to Rentberry homepage, enter the city or neighborhood you are interested in, choose the most relevant result from a drop-down list, and go explore all the option you have. For your convenience, you’ll be able to filter listings by price, size, pet policy, and more than 20 other amenities.

    • How do I submit a rental application?

      Go to the property listing you like, press “Apply” button and follow 3 steps to apply for your favorite property.

    • Do you share private information from my background and credit report with others?

      No, your data is available only for the landlord, whose property you applied for.

    • Can I pay rent via Rentberry?

      Yes, we use ACH network for all online transactions.