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    Our Team

    Meet the all-star team! We scoured the globe and gathered together the very best and the brightest talent to simplify the rental process for you. Each member’s unique skills combine to create a unified team, dedicated to one goal - providing you with exceptional customer service and a seamless rental experience.
    Alex Lubinsky – Rentberry CEO
    Alex Lubinsky
    UC Berkeley
    Former investment banking executive who founded and sold several companies. Real estate owner and successful entrepreneur responsible for defining Rentberry’s vision.
    Lily Ostapchuk – Rentberry CPO
    Lily Ostapchuk
    Columbia University
    Managed and operated a number of rental properties across the US and Europe. Product launch and marketing expert with deep knowledge of how to position and scale the product.
    Aleksey Perfilov – CTO
    Aleksey Perfilov
    Stanford University
    Worked at a number of prominent IT companies, including Hi5, Altera, Phoenix Technologies, and Amazon. Full stack engineer, blockchain evangelist and focus-driven coder with 15 years of experience.