What Is BERRY Token?

BERRY is a native medium of exchange on the Rentberry platform. This is the most secure and fast way to pay and collect rent online across the entire market. No bank fees, checks or fraudulent transactions – BERRY token ensures direct encrypted payments between landlords and tenants.

Berry tokens cannot be used on our platform by citizens and residents of the United States, South Korea and China.


Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security
Highly encrypted transactions within the blockchain network. Sensitive data won’t be compromised.
No free
No Fee
Payments are cheaper than regular bank transactions. Receiving and paying rent on our platform is free.
Faster Transactions
Faster Transactions
Payments are executed rapidly. Bank transactions are not even close to this speed.
How to buy berry

How to Buy BERRY Tokens

You can buy BERRY tokens on authorized exchanges like HitBTC and IDEX using cryptocurrency or fiat. All you need is a digital wallet you’re good to go. We prepared a detailed guide to save your time.
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Pay or collect rent

Pay or Collect Rent Online

Our ecosystem is free from fraudulent transactions and provides landlords with an express access to their money. All payment activities are stored in the decentralized blockchain network which is not controlled by a single company and cannot be hacked.