If we asked you about what Nashville is famous for, you’d mention country music. And it’s true that this music style is so grand for this place that it won Nashville the name of Music City, USA. But make no mistake, there is plenty to see and even more to do here. Come to Nashville – after all, music is an international language. Welcome!

City Overview

Why Nashville, you ask? I have a question for you, too: what is the recipe for a contemporary city? Take solid foundation of jobs, add infrastructure, mix with entertainment and culture. Sprinkle with outdoor activities and ample shopping opportunities, and stir until a gentle mix is ready. And don’t forget to season with a unique trait that will make your city irreplaceable. This is the recipe for Nashville, with its music, business, and modern planning designed for people.


Nashville is the capital of the state and a business center that raised on the ground of country music, the main attraction of the city. Among the major music brands are the Big Four record labels and Gibson. But don’t think it’s the only thing that supports the economy of the region: healthcare is the main industry, with such a giant as Hospital Corporation of America. Automotive, insurance, banking, transportation, and publishing industries all have their substantial say in the development of Nashville business.


Nashville is considered the home of country music, and it provides plenty of tourist attractions in this direction, including bars and music clubs. Not only country music, but also jazz and gospel are well-developed in the city: Music Row is home to several Christian record companies and to such bands as the Nashville Jazz Orchestra, the Establishment, and the Nashville Jazz Machine.


Due to the country fame of Nashville, music fests are commonplace. The Fan Fair (currently the CMA Music Festival) in June and the Tennessee State Fair in September are the biggest attractions for the tourists nationwide. Live performances of the radio show Grand Ole Opry are also a must-visit once you settle in Nashville.


The Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Ryman Auditorium, Belcourt Theatre, the Tennessee State Museum, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Music City Center, Music Valley, the Parthenon, Kirkland Hall at Vanderbilt University, the Nashville Public Library, Nissan Stadium, the Frist Center for Visual Arts, the Bridgestone Arena, Belmont Mansion, Belle Meade Plantation, Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art.


Whether you’re fond of sports or outdoor activities, Nashville has something to seduce your imagination. The Tennessee Titans of the NFL and the Nashville Predators of the NHL are national-level teams. Amateur programs are also worthy in the city. However, if you prefer a long nice walk to watching sports, try one of the 99 Nashville parks and greenways. Among the most worth seeing are Warner Parks, Percy Priest Lake and Old Hickory Lake parks, Shelby Park, Centennial Park with its full-scale reproduction of Parthenon, and Radnor State Natural Area.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Nashville

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Nashville Neighborhoods

Downtown Nashville

As in most cities, a lot of Nashville’s attractions are located in Downtown. If you want to live your life to its fullest and be informed of any news, choose this neighborhood. The apartments for rent can be found at moderate prices here, and you will be close to the variety of options for dining, entertainment, nightlife, and central business district of Nashville.


The neighborhood near Vanderbilt University on one hand and Belmont University on the other, Belmont-Hillsboro today is full of students and young professionals attracted by its quaint atmosphere. Restaurants? Check. Boutiques? Check. Historic houses? Check. This area of Nashville may seem new, but it has its history, and looking for an apartment for rent in this neighborhood is a great choice for those young at heart.

Demonbreun Hill

This small neighborhood doesn’t have a rich history but is one of the fastest growing districts in Nashville. It’s an area of restaurants and bars, as well as rich nightlife that attracts the younger audience. Want to be able to get anywhere in a matter of minutes? Demonbreun Hill offers you the classy condos and apartments in huge complexes for rent, as well as the feeling of a non-stop party.


Like music? Then find a place near Music Row. If you don’t know where it is, check out Edgehill, a small neighborhood with just a few but really nice local shops and diners like Bella Napoli or Old Glory. This area of Nashville is the best option for young couples who would like to live close to Downtown but with lower costs for rent.

Elliston Place

From huge apartment complexes to duplexes and condominiums for rent, Elliston Place offers a wide choice of housing options. Add some great bars, restaurants, and rock clubs with live music, and you’ll get a place that satisfies all of your desires. It’s not necessary to live in Downtown to get the best deals!


It’s old, it’s classy; it has a vibe that you won’t confuse with anything else. Germantown gives you green streets and brick sidewalks. Don’t ignore the annual Nashville Oktoberfest filled with German traditions and music. The historic churches, restaurants, multiple property types, and ample shopping opportunities, Germantown is also considerably cheaper compared to other Nashville neighborhoods.

Green Hills

Have you ever thought of living in a city that feels like a secluded island? Green Hills is a great way to experience that feeling: it’s not an easy commute to other city areas, but it has anything you might need, from restaurants to entertainment to shops. The residents vary but are mostly wealthy, so you won’t feel too cramped in Green Hills, especially considering you’ll have enough space to walk around.


Are you young and like to be in the middle of events? Looking for a place for rent close to Downtown Nashville but something even trendier? Take a look at Gulch, a walkable and well-planned area with lots of restaurants, bars, and shops. The apartments are mostly in high-rises and large apartment buildings, so you won’t get bored anytime soon.

Hillsboro West End

Divided from Belmont-Hillsboro by Hillsboro Road, this Nashville neighborhood has a similar feeling to it, with the students and a paradoxical combination of the old and new. Hillsboro West End was not the part of the Belmont Mansion, which means it’s more holistic in a renovation than the district underwent, and the apartments in this area have a different historic aura.

Marathon Village

Nashville is comparatively young, but Marathon Village is its oldest part. Built at the end of the 19th century, it was meant to become part of the Marathon Motor Cars production. Today, renovation is in a process, and the neighborhood is not a typical residential area. Yet its promising growth attracts residents and, most importantly, creative businesses to this neighborhood of Nashville.


It’s a small strip along Franklin Pike, the image of which was created due to places like M.L.Rose. Today, upscale residents are settling here long-term. Restaurants, including The Sutler and Sinema, are obligatory to visit if you want to feel the unique vibe of this Nashville area.


Sobro stands for South of Broadway, and the name wasn’t given by chance: it’s just a few steps from Broadway in Downtown Nashville. The Music City Center is one of the major attractions of the area supported by a number of fancy restaurants like Etch and The Southern. It is well-developed and offers great deals on long-term apartments for rent in Nashville.

Sylvan Park

If you enjoy a friendly and intimate community, take a look at what Sylvan Park has to offer. Local businesses flourish here: visit Star Bagel, Local Taco, or Neighbors, and you won’t leave dissatisfied. Although Sylvan Park is not that close to Downtown Nashville, it has something even better to offer in return: Richland Park and Climb Nashville are great for people who prefer an active lifestyle.

The Nations

If you like history, then you’ve found your dream area of Nashville. One of the oldest in the city, the Nations offers architecture in industrial and residential designs of the 20th century. Today, it’s a fast-growing neighborhood with local businesses and startups like 51st Kitchen and Bar and The Mill Boutique developing the area and attracting new residents.

West End

Nashville is famous for its parks, and the city’s biggest urban park, Centennial Park is in West End. The restaurants both of local and chain affiliation are all over the place. For rent, the opportunities are vast, as well: choose from condos to townhouses. You won’t regret your choice: whatever it is, from Vanderbilt University to Downtown corporate offices, the commute from West End is easy to any area of Nashville.