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Rentberry is the first platform that offers a fully digital rental experience. It automates all the standard rental tasks from submission of personal information, credit reports and custom offers to scheduling tours, eSigning rental agreements and sending maintenance requests. Not only Rentberry can save valuable time but it also helps save lives.

Perform All Tasks Online to
Minimize Direct Contact

High demand on an apartment rentTenants rent offer on an apartmentLandlord's apartment price

See the current highest proposal and the number of people who applied for the property, so you can make an informed decision and negotiate the price. All this now can be done online with Rentberry.

eSign rental

Sign Documents From Home

We have partnered with HelloSign to make sure all the necessary paperwork can be done online, without you leaving your home. It's easy to use and secure.

Request apartment tour online

Virtual Tour Is
the New Open House

Choose a convenient way to learn about the property you're interested in. It can be a simple Face Time call with the landlord or a full 360 VR tour.


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We have built Rentberry with the idea of creating a fully digital rental experience. To make faster all the standard rental tasks.

For tenants
For landlords
Apartment apply detailsLow demand on an apartment
Knowing your competition is a key point in getting the most transparent rental experience. Analyze other offers, know where you stand in the rental process and evaluate your real chances of getting a place.
Request apartment tour onlineRented home
Found a perfect place? Schedule a tour online and make sure it matches the photos. Rentberry makes tour scheduling easy as 1-2-3. Pick a date and preferred time frame and we’ll help you synchronize your calendars with a landlord.
Home maintenance requestsWork order
Maintenance requests are no longer headaches. Tired of making dozens of back-and-forth phone calls or writing emails about a broken sink? Should an issue occur during a long-term home renting, just describe it briefly and set the priority of your maintenance request.
List apartment for rentAdd listing details
This is your time to shine. Tell us about your property. Does it have an awesome view? Is it close to a farmers market? Don’t be shy. Set your guide price, select amenities and add a brief description. Also, remember to add quality photos!
Schedule apartment tour onlineApartment showing schedule
Tours help you choose the best tenant among your prospects. Let us take care of tour scheduling for your rental showings. We’ll help you synchronize the calendars with your applicants and show your property when it’s convenient for both of you.
Screen tenants onlineScreen available in US only
Rentberry makes finding a perfect tenant simple. We investigate all available records from both state and federal databases. You get an instant screening report along with the credit score and history, thorough background and criminal check.
Syndicate apartment listing
You can get even more quality applicants with Rentberry! Reach millions of renters – market your listing on our partners’ websites with just one click! It’s no surprise Rentberry landlords rent their properties 30-40% faster. Share your vacancy and get the leads within 24 hours!
Rentberry has saved me a ton of time finding great tenants and
managing lease signing. Its sophisticated features help me manage my
properties seamlessly and digitally!
Great customer service. The team at Rentberry was
available 24/7 to walk me through the process and
help me secure an incredible apartment.
Rentberry is the best apartment rental service I have found. For years,
I rented and had to painfully negotiate terms, sign paper contracts,
and send checks to my landlords. Rentberry makes all of this
so much easier!
I now feel confident enough to find high quality
tenants and manage my own properties.
Highly recommend!

Co-Signer Network

Co-Signer Network

Rentberry redefines the role of security deposit in the landlord-tenant relations. Our global community can fund your rental deposit or help you receive interest for backing other tenants.

Berry tokens cannot be used on our platform by citizens and residents of the United States, South Korea and China.

Start Receiving Interest Today

Backing our tenants financially is more profitable than using a regular interest bearing bank account. We offer 5-15% rates and enhanced security of your transactions.

Attract More Prospective Tenants

We make renting more affordable, so participating in our co-signer network will essentially attract more tenants to your property.

Save Money and Movie-in Faster

Just pay upfront the 10% of your security deposit amount. The rest is paid out as an interest (5-10%) to co-signers. You’re saving up to 85%.

Meet BERRY Token

Berry Token

We are the first rental platform to accept cryptocurrency. Our native token is live and can already be used within the platform. No bank fees, checks or fraudulent transactions – BERRY token ensures direct encrypted payments.

Berry tokens cannot be used on our platform by citizens and residents of the United States, South Korea and China.