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    What is Rentberry?

    Rentberry is a transparent home rental service and a price negotiation platform uniting tenants and landlords. It automates all the standard rental tasks from submitting your personal information, credit reports and custom offers, to e-signing rental agreements and online rental payments. Welcome to the Rentberry neighborhood – where new tenants are moving in every day!

    Custom Offer

    Custom OfferCustom OfferCustom Offer

    Tired of secretive bids? Rentberry is the only platform that provides a transparent rental auction with the ability to submit custom offers. See the current highest proposal and the number of people who applied for the property, so you can make an informed decision.

    For Tenants
    For Landlords
    Find property to rent by ownerApply for your apartmentsProperty details
    No need to overpay. Once you’ve attended an open house, simply fill out an online personalized application. You can also invite your roommates to apply for the same property. Attach your credit and background reports to make a better impression and seal the deal faster.
    Pay Rent Online
    Say goodbye to paper checks! Use Rentberry to schedule your next rental payment. Our secure ACH payment technology allows to connect bank accounts and make rental payments instantly. Sharing the rent? No problem! With Rentberry, you can conveniently split the payments with your roommates.
    E-Sign Rental Agreement
    Your application has been approved – congratulations! No need to run across the town to sign a paper contract. We partnered with HelloSign to offer you the ability to execute legally binding documents online. Rentberry uses SSL encryption technology and provides a secure storage for your contracts.
    Maintenance Service RequestsMaintenance Service Requests
    Maintenance requests are no longer headaches. Tired of making dozens of back-and-forth phone calls or writing emails about a broken sink? Should an issue occur during a long-term apartment renting, just describe it briefly and set the priority of your maintenance request.
    Property rent by ownerAdd your property details
    This is your time to shine. Tell us about your property. Does it have an awesome view? Is it close to a farmers market? Don’t be shy. Set your guide price, select amenities and add a brief description. Also, remember to add quality photos!
    Syndicate & Advertise
    You can get even more quality applicants with Rentberry! Reach millions of renters – market your listing on our partners’ websites with just one click! It’s no surprise Rentberry landlords rent their properties 30-40% faster. Share your vacancy and get the leads within 24 hours!
    Screen Your TenantScreen Your Tenant
    Rentberry makes finding a perfect tenant simple. All applicants undergo a rigorous screening that includes Experian credit report along with nationwide background and criminal check. The results appear in your account instantly!
    Collect Rent Online
    Never worry about paper checks again! Rentberry ACH payments are secure and automatic, and the money goes straight to your bank account. Set your rent amount, deposits, and move-in charges, then invite your tenants to pay. You can monitor the detailed payment history at any time.
    Screen Your Tenant
    Rentberry eliminates the hassle of coordinating schedules to get a rental lease agreement signed. Simply upload your document to Rentberry. Tenants access a secure version of the lease, and you receive an electronically signed and legally binding document in seconds.
    Rentberry has saved me a ton of time finding great tenants and
    managing lease signing. Its sophisticated features help me manage my
    properties seamlessly and digitally!
    Great customer service. The team at Rentberry was
    available 24/7 to walk me through the process and
    help me secure an incredible apartment.
    Rentberry is the best rental service I have found. For years, I rented
    and had to painfully negotiate terms, sign paper contracts, and send
    checks to my landlords. Rentberry makes all of this so much easier!
    I now feel confident enough to find high quality
    tenants and manage my own properties.
    Highly recommend!

    It’s time to put the spotlight on your rental property. Join Rentberry today.