Welcome to the city of the future! It’s Irvine, California. Whatever a modern person needs, you can find it here. Colleges and universities for you to choose, a great ground for entrepreneurs, mild climate, planned parks, and amazing community amenities - all in one place. There’s no reason to hesitate, move to Irvine and have your better future today!

City Overview

The history of the city started in the 1960s, but today it’s already one of the top mid-size cities in the US. Irvine is diverse, and it knows how to celebrate this. It is planned for your convenience – living in a city, you’ll still be in the midst of the greenery. Whether for business, education, and recreation – Irvine is the best choice you can make!


Want to start a career? Dream of your own startup? Want to find a job in an active business community? Then Irvine is a city to consider. It’s one of the fastest growing job markets, specifically in technology, education, and health industries. Select your top employer with the headquarters in Irvine. You can choose from Taco Bell to Blizzard, and from Bosch Und Siemens to Mazda.


Wonder what to take with you when moving to Irvine? It depends on where exactly you want to go: in different parts of the city, the climate is different. If you want to be closer to the Pacific, take an umbrella. On the north, it might snow, but the winters here are dry and even hot. What’s more, allow us to introduce you to June Gloom: she’ll make the late spring and early summer the best time of the year for those who hate the sun.


If you’re into different cultures, street food, and local merchandise, you’ll enjoy the Irvine Global Village Festival. It celebrates diversity on a yearly basis and offers the opportunity to have a taste of the global culture. Another great feat: if you are looking for a place to film a movie, Irvine offers you ample opportunities at the prices considerably lower than average (sometimes even for free). Such blockbusters as Thank You for Smoking, Transformers and Iron Man were at least partially shot in the area. So if you’re into cinematography, become a part of it at Irvine!


What you need to remember about Irvine is that it is one of the most diverse cities in the US. The Asian American community has almost reached half of the population last year, which makes Irvine the place of the largest plurality in the continental America. Half of the population are renters; the number of families with children is high, and the median age is in the middle thirties – the life in its bloom!


Irvine is a planned city, and guess what it means? Right, lots of parks! Wherever you choose to live in Irvine, California, you will surely have some open space and recreational facilities by your side. Our list of personal bests includes Silkwood Park, Jeffrey Open Space Trail, Boomers, and, of course, Northwood Community Park, with its unique Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial. The last one is unprecedented and obligatory to visit: it’s the only war memorial in the world that is updated every year.

Finding Apartments for Rent in Irvine

Start searching for a long-term apartment before you come to Irvine: Rentberry will help you with this task. Apply the many filters in order to choose a perfect place for you. Decide on the neighborhood to be closer to your work – how does a stroll down the park in the morning sounds to you? For students, Irvine offers multiple opportunities. Check out the rooms in student apartments in the vicinity of UCI, CSUF, or the Orange County Center of USC available for rent. Apply together with your roommates. Or take your search wider: look for the apartments in Irvine suburbs or even long-term houses for rent around California. Apartments for rent in here might suit you even better.

The amenities filter is another one you should explore. Rentberry can offer you condos for rent in complexes with great views, houses with pools or gyms – you choose. Select the property type and the preferred listing. If you have a dog, search for pet-friendly apartments for rent in the proximity to one of the many Irvine parks. We’ll make sure everything is in order – all utilities paid, maintenance issues resolved, fees carefully calculated.

All we need from you is to apply online and provide your rental information – history and references would help us show potential landlords what a great tenant you are. And don’t forget that Rentberry has the option of a custom order: avoid the competition for the best apartments in Irvine for rent with this feature. Just apply online, and let Rentberry take care of the rest!

Irvine Neighborhoods


This neighborhood of Irvine is still under construction, so the prices for rent are still not that high. Don’t lose your chance: Stonegate promises to become one of the fastest growing communities in the city with its location near Woodbury, the freeways, and the Limestone Canyon Regional Park.


Small, residential, drowning in cozy central parks, Northpark is a residential neighborhood with a lot of great properties available for rent. You’ll fall in love with the careful design of the pathways – urban planning is at its best in this neighborhood of Irvine.

Oak Creek

If you like seclusion and safety, Oak Creek is the best place for you. The apartments in this neighborhood of Irvine for rent are within the gated planned community. The central location offers the best commute to whatever point of Irvine you need, from UCI to the business and entertainment of Irvine Spectrum Center.

Quail Hill

One of the best neighborhoods of Irvine, Quail Hill offers an easy commute to the Irvine Spectrum and John Wayne Airport alike. The houses were mostly inspired by Tuscan architecture, and almost all of them offer the best night views of the city. The prices for rental property in Quail Hill are slightly higher than the rest of the city, and you’ll know why: it’s the ideal location to settle in Irvine.

Portola Springs

What’s common between strawberries, avocados, and nurseries? The answer is easy: they all occupied the territory of Portola Springs until ten years ago when the new village was built. The neighborhood offers the newest townhouses in Irvine for rent, many of which are pet-friendly. A convenient location is just one of the many perks of this area.

University Town Center

If you have chosen UC Irvine, you should search through the apartments in complexes available for rent in University Town Center. Modest prices, young population, and great shopping opportunities are a real combo! Visit the local favorite Asia Noodle Café to have the taste of local cuisine and the best of Irvine.


This neighborhood of Irvine is one of the first, and its architecture offers more than in newer parts of the city. If you are looking for rancho-like houses or condos for rent in Mediterranean-style complex, Westpark is the best place to search. A curious fact: previously, strawberry fields were here, and they say you can still feel the light sweet fragrance in the air.