When you think of someplace to spend your vacation, you think of Florida. When you think of Florida, you know it’s Miami. It’s always warm, it’s trendy. It has beaches, palms, and skyscrapers. Outdoor activities at day, wild parties at night, clean water and air 365 days a year. It offers opportunities in terms of sports, arts, and shopping. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Miami.

City Overview

There is nothing Miami cannot offer. It can be a global city of many cultures or a small residential area for a quiet and calm life. It is best for living fast, but also cozy and family-friendly. It’s one of the cities that are well-known around the world. It’s progressive and clean. It is on every tourist’s to-visit list. Looking for a place to fall in love with? Come to Miami, and you definitely won’t leave.


If you hate snow, come to Miami, and you’ll never have to experience it again: the climate in Florida is tropical. However, beware of the hurricanes. The season runs from June to November. Well, at least tornadoes are rare guests in Miami. After all, what is a regular thunderstorm compared to that, right?


Do you like arts? Visit Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, the second-largest in the US. For those tired of museums, Miami offers the largest annual art exhibition in the world, The Olympics of Art. Melomaniacs strive to visit several annual music festivals, not to mention the variety of nightclubs suited for the most intricate taste. Raised on the verge of the music cultures of Northern and Southern America, the city is home to diverse music styles and genres, from seducing rumba to peppy dance rhythms.


When you are in Miami, you definitely notice the Caribbean and Latin American tendencies of local cuisine. The specialties you will definitely appreciate are Cuban sandwiches, croquetas, medianoche, and Cuban espresso. If you are fond of seafood, Miami has a lot to offer. Especially, at places along the Miami River. If you ever wondered what a Floribbean meal is, Miami will give you a perfect taste.


Miami is one of the biggest cities in Florida, and one of the most ethnically diverse throughout the country. Cuban-American ethnic group in Miami is over 34%, which is the largest in the US. Together with over 15% of the population with a Central American background, this multicultural mosaic won Miami the nickname of the Capital of Latin America.


Freedom Tower, Miami Tower, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Villa Vizcaya, Deering Estate, Gesu Catholic Church, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Olympia Theater, Jungle Island, Virginia Key Beach, Wynwood Arts District, Miami Design District, American Airlines Arena, Marlins Park, Barnacle State Historic Site, Port of Miami.


The pleasant climate of Miami begs for you to spend your time outdoors. Water activities are popular year-round. Numerous parks, Zoo Miami, Jungle Island, Seaquarium, and other destinations can brighten your life in sunny Florida. If you are fond of sports, Miami has a lot to offer. Football, basketball, baseball, and hockey fans are cheering for the national sports teams. But look past national teams only, and you’ll find a lot of young ambitious college teams worth your time: consider at least the University of Miami Hurricanes and Florida International University Panthers football teams.


Own a car? The roads in Florida are well-maintained and always groomed. No car? Public transport will come to your rescue. Tri-Rail, Metrorail, Metromover, and Metrobus allow easy and rapid daily transit around Miami. Bicycling and walking are the ambitious initiatives that have recently increased pedestrian friendliness of the city. Or you can forget about moving around the city and go on vacation from the Cruise Capital of the World – the Port of Miami provides the best offers in the world!

Finding Apartments for Rent in Miami

Coming to such a nice place as Miami, you must find yourself a perfect long-term apartment for rent. Rentberry will help you with this one, so do not worry. Here are a few starting points to remember.

First, think of what you want and apply appropriate filters. Is it a condo in a high-rise with a great view or a cozy house in a quiet neighborhood? Are you looking for a duplex in a historic district of Miami or are you more after furnished apartments in the vicinity of your work? Do you need a home with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, or a long-term house for rent with a pool, a gym and a posh restaurant nearby? Maybe you own a pet and searching for pet-friendly apartments in a friendly community?

Thousands of apartments in Miami are available for rent but think about Miami suburbs, as well. Florida is a beautiful state, and long-term houses may be a better option just for you. And while we are at it, make sure no one takes away the place of your dream. How? Easy! Make a custom offer to a prospective landlord. Or go even further and provide positive references from your employer and previous homeowner. No one will be able to compete with such a star tenant as you!

Do not worry about the technical details. Rentberry will help you not only choose an appropriate apartment for rent, but also deal with documents, background check, payments, and even maintenance issues (trust us, it will be handy if you owner lives outside the city). If you think the cost of apartments for rent is too high in Miami, split it with your roommates; we’ll help you with calculations. And if you are looking for student accommodation, you should check out the areas near one of the four largest universities and colleges of Miami.

Miami Neighborhoods

Downtown Miami

Whatever Miami can offer, you can find it here. Downtown Miami skyline is a tourist attraction at day and night alike. The historic district allows you to marvel at the beautiful architecture from the end of 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. Downtown Miami is also a business center of the city, with many international banks and companies located in the area. The apartments for rent in Downtown are most versatile in quality and price, fancied by young professionals, artists, and students.


Close to the cheerful and busy atmosphere of Downtown Miami but with a greater focus on business, Brickell is the city’s financial district, and one of the fastest-growing areas in Miami. Brickell Avenue will astonish you with the collection of international banks, the largest in the US. Condos for rent in this neighborhood are at best prices for ambitious people seeking to build their career in Miami.

Coral Way

Move to the south of Miami, where the historic neighborhood of the city leads its quiet and comfortable life. Built in the 20s of the previous century, Coral Way features old homes and streets lined with trees, the type of urban planning that calls to your nostalgia at sight. The apartments for rent in Coral Way allow easy, fast commute to both Downtown Miami and green park-like Coconut Grove.

Park West

Located in Greater Downtown Miami, Park West neighbors the Museum Park, one of the largest in Miami. Events are hosted all year round, so you won’t get bored here, culture lovers! Several new museums are currently under construction, so the area promises to flourish in the nearest years. The apartments for rent in this area are gradually escalating in price, so take your chance before it’s too late!


If you like art and modern style, Edgewater is for you. Both Downtown Miami and Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts are close by, and the popularity of the apartments in this neighborhood grows fast. Don’t lose your chance to stew in the cultural melting pot of Edgewater, find a place for rent now before the competition becomes too high!

Coconut Grove

Dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, Coconut Grove attracts students and artists with its ample opportunities for day and night entertainment. Bars and restaurants, nightclubs and shops, narrow streets winding under the canopy of trees make this neighborhood a large garden sprinkled with historic estates. Suitable apartments in both older and newer houses are available for rent, so don’t waste your time hesitating.


Look for the apartments for rent in this neighborhood if you would like living in the middle of an art exhibition. Wynwood Art District is a must-see in Miami, but the whole area is a graffiti landmark displaying the murals multiple in quantity, size, and style. Wynwood offers apartments in high-rises for rent mostly. Plus, it is a neighborhood both artists and students adore.

Upper East Side

Would you like something fancier than Wynwood? Take a look at the apartments in Upper East Side neighborhood of Miami. This area is home to Miami Modern Architecture, the style that was born in Miami in the middle of the last century. The houses for rent here are notable for their distinctive glamorous and minimalist styles typical of the post-war era.

Little Havana

Caution! No snobs or racists are allowed in this area. We know you’re not like that, that’s why you’ll love Little Havana, an area full of ethnic colors and cultural strokes. Restaurants in this neighborhood are landmarks of taste: visit Versailles for the best palomilla steaks in Miami, or have some great coffee and pastry from the adjacent bakery. Apartments in Little Havana are available for rent at ridiculous prices compared to the bright experiences you gain.

The Design District

A bit classier than Edgewater, the Design District is still all about ethnic diversity, arts, and apartments in high-rises. This northeastern neighborhood of Miami offers single-family houses for rent from the era of roaring twenties, renovations in process. The district today offers multiple boutiques, restaurants, and shops that any residential area longs for.

Little Haiti

This neighborhood of Miami is famous for its ethnic diversity: the Caribbean and African American communities are large and strong here, and their cultural influence on the district is immense. Try something different, become a part of a new culture and search for the apartments in Little Haiti available for rent at quite modest prices. You won’t regret the decision!