Rentberry’s Picks: Excellent Suburbs to Rent Near Miami

Miami is the gem that we love and cherish, but the rental market here is pretty wild. We want to give you a quick guide to the best towns you can rent a place near Miami. Let’s roll the map and see what suburbs will be your top choice!

Key Biscayne, FL

Driving distance from Miami: 8 miles (or 15 minutes)
Average rent in Key Biscayne: $4,000/mo
Walkability score: 81

Key Biscayne is the most exclusive and expensive place to live, but what you get for this money is fantastic. Just imagine yourself living on the island right by the beach in a crime-free area, with countless places to eat, shop, and have fun. Doesn’t it sound alluring enough?

Places to rent near key biscayne

The average rent in Key Biscayne is high, it’s usually around $9,000 for a condo, but living here feels like being on vacation every day. You can call this place a real tropical paradise, and local residents tend to have a relaxing way of life with no big-city noise around.

It’s really close to Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. Immediate proximity to the water is not the only thing you’ll love here. You’ll also have access to amazing national parks, golf courses, and other refined ways of entertainment.

The island itself has two sides: the bay side that has a view right to Miami Beach and the ocean side looking right in the direction of Cuba.

Surfside, FL

Driving distance from Miami: 14 miles (or 24 minutes)
Average rent in Surfside: $2,135/mo
Walkability score: 60

People who live in Surfside love to say that their city is about celebrating simple pleasures. Being located near Bal Harbour and Miami Beach, this place offers you a fantastic walkable downtown district, a warm and inviting beach, and lots of waterfront rentals.

Surfside Miami Florida

This Miami suburb is an excellent place to raise your kids and start your family. The local community is very friendly and enjoys the lifestyle of a sunny beach town along with the luxury vibes.

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The atmosphere in the city is very relaxed and welcoming. Since this city invites lots of tourists, there are lots of resort facilities and good infrastructure.

Pinecrest, FL

Driving distance from Miami: 11 miles (or 19 minutes)
Average rent in Pinecrest: $1,900
Walkability score: 29

Pinecrest is recognized as one of the most beautiful residential areas in South Florida. Having lots of different national awards, you can consider this place the city with an excellent quality of life.

The atmosphere here is very kid-friendly; you will see children playing on the streets all across the town. Everyone is always walking their beloved pets and talking to their neighbors. The area overall is one of the safest around Miami, and access to the nearby police station is available 24/7, so you’ll feel here very secure.

With all this being said, we would recommend you moving here with your family for sure, but note that the walkability score of Pinecrest implies that having a car would be a big benefit for you.

Coral Gables, FL

Driving distance from Miami: 6 miles (or 9 minutes)
Average rent in Coral Gabes: $2,183
Walkability score: 56

Coral Gables itself is a great suburb to live in, but guess what? It’s also located only 10 minutes ride from Miami, so basically, you’re getting the best of those two worlds.

Coral Gables Florida

This city is full of culture and places to spend your free time. Take a stroll on the Miracle Mile, grab a coffee and go enjoy your day. The weather here is always exceptional; the city itself is peaceful and serene and has enough restaurants, shops, boutiques, and other amenities for a comfortable everyday life.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to get around by foot or never leave your car — you’ve got both options. Since Coral Gables is so close to Miami, the transportation hub here is great, and your commute will be very convenient.

Aventura, FL

Driving distance from Miami: 19 miles (or 24 minutes)
Average rent in Aventura: $3,740
Walkability score: 51

Aventura was named by the Spanish word ‘adventure.’ Local residents tend to say that this is the city where life feels like a real adventure. It’s a suburban city that provides safety and convenience to its inhabitants.

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You can walk to everything you need here, have a stroll in numerous parks, go to the cinema or go shopping. The safety of this city is ensured by the police department that does its work for an A+ grade.

Aventura, Florida

The traffic here is pretty hard, though, but parks and bike lanes offer you alternative ways to commute.

Aventura is one of the most eco-friendly suburbs of Miami and even has a Green Local Government Certification for the efforts that they have demonstrated constantly since 2011.

Bal Harbour, FL

Driving distance from Miami: 15 miles (or 24 minutes)
Average rent in Bal Harbour: $3,481/mo
Walkability score: 79

Bal Harbour residents say that their beach is one of the most protected in the county, and it’s not just empty talk. The beach is also never crowded because of the buildings in front of the beach. However, the overall experience near the water will bring you lots of joyful moments along with the ocean view.

Bal Harbour, Florida

You’ll find it easy to walk your dog, do your morning run, or use your bicycle in the area between the buildings. The parks here allow you not only to have fun there with your kids but also play basketball and do other outdoor activities uniting with the local community.

The neighborhood is very residential, yet it has a huge mall that offers you a variety of attractions.

Do you already feel the Miami vibe in the air? Let’s find you a decent place to stay and plan your move!

This article was created by our editorial team and represents Rentberry’s subjective views on the best places to live near Miami. We took into consideration factors such as quality of life, career and growth opportunities, and cost of living.

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