Tenant Rights in Canada

Canada is a beautiful country that has very similar tenant-landlord laws to US statutes. However, there are some key differences that you’ve got to know as a Canadian renter.

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Tenant Rights in Nebraska

Rental laws in Nebraska cannot be called too different from the other states. However, some of their statutes may surprise you if you got used to the most popular practices.

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Tenant Rights in Washington

The situation on the Washington real estate market is constantly moving, and you always have to act fast. When you find yourself a decent place, you must have all the documents and papers prepared to land the deal. The reason is simple; there are always more than 20 potential tenants standing in the line for the same apartment.

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Tenant Rights in Ohio

Ohio is a great state known as a ‘Mother of Modern Presidents’. Just stop for a minute and note that Seven presidents of the United States were born in Ohio. We believe that it requires Ohio to be a gold standard in laws and rights. It’s time for a closer look at the local tenant rights and see how their statutes support you as a…

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Tenant Rights In California

While the rental market in California goes crazy with new pricing records and government tries to push the Local Rent Control Initiative, we continue our educational series. We want you to know your tenants rights and live in California without a fear of uncontrolled rent increase or lease termination.

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Tenant Rights in Illinois

Illinois is a great state with a wide array of diverse cities. The rental market sizing here varies from town to town: we have a huge market in Chicago and smaller ones in all other cities, cause only the ‘Windy City’ can brag about their 2 mln population.

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Tenant Rights in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state with lots of rental rights and obligations established. It may seem hard to navigate through the key sections of their rental law handbook, but we’ll highlight everything you may need to know as a tenant occupying a rental space in the Bay State.

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Tenant Rights in Florida

We continue our series of articles on tenants right in different states and today we want to tell our Florida tenants what are the state laws that they should look up to.

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Tenant Rights in Texas

Knowing your rights never hurts. Especially, if you’re a long-term tenant and every now and then you find yourself in controversial situations related to your lease, security deposit, rent payments, landlord obligations, and alike. The list of situations when you can tremendously benefit from knowing your rights is long, but we will try to cover them all.

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