Rental laws in Germany

Rental laws in Germany largely favor tenants over landlords and offer extensive protection under a very robust legal framework. However, there are various types of rental agreements and distinct provisions for different types of property. You need to carefully consider your options and study clauses of your rental agreement before signing, since it is legally binding.  Rental Agreements in Germany Regardless of the specifics of…

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7 Warning Signs in Your Residential Lease Agreement

Once you’ve found an ideal apartment you’d like to rent, chances are that you will want to immediately sign a lease or rental agreement to secure the property and many landlords will ask you to sign a “standard agreement.” Don’t! You should never be in a rush to sign such a document as these “standard leases” are often weighted in favor of the landlord, sometimes…

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Do You Need a Home Warranty for Your Rental?

It’s a landlord’s duty, backed by the law, to provide tenants with a place that’s not only safe but “livable.” This means that it must meet specific standards of habitation (outlined by your state laws). The landlord also must ensure it stays up to those standards, which makes a home warranty seems like a good investment. This type of coverage will help ensure timely repairs…

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UK ‘Tenant Fees Act 2019’ Explained

The real estate market in the United Kingdom may be tricky compared to the American one. However, it’s way easier to figure out how to deal with long-term residential renting if you have one of our extensive guides handy.

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North Carolina Renter Rights Overview

North Carolina is a beautiful state with an average rent of $1,165 in Raleigh, and other most notable areas. This makes the NC rental market quite attractive. Our platform offers thousands of apartments for rent in Charlotte, Raleigh and other neighborhoods. Since we have thousands of apartments for rent in North Carolina, we decided to put the state’s tenant-landlord laws on a spotlight. Let’s see…

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Canada Renter Rights Overview

Canada is a beautiful country that has very similar tenant-landlord laws to US statutes. However, there are some key differences that you’ve got to know as a Canadian renter. As our platform expands to operate worldwide, we’re excited to expand our regular section of tenant rights. Our goal is to become the first place for tenants from all over the world to come for the…

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Nebraska Renter Rights Overview

Rental laws in Nebraska cannot be called too different from the other states. However, some of their statutes may surprise you if you got used to the most popular practices. We have thousands of apartments for rent in Nebraska. Looking for your next home? Apply today through Rentberry!

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Washington Renter Rights Overview

The situation on the Washington real estate market is constantly moving, and you always have to act fast. When you find yourself a decent place, you must have all the documents and papers prepared to land the deal. The reason is simple; there are always more than 20 potential tenants standing in the line for the same apartment.

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