Bringing The New Concept of Crowdsourced Rental Deposits

Before we dive deeper into the security deposit problematics, it will be smart to review the overall mechanics behind this basic procedure. So what is Security Deposit? Basically, it’s an additional sum that you’ve got to pay to the landlord when you move into the new place besides the actual rental payment. In the first place, security deposits were created to protect the landlords and…

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5 Reasons Why Millennials Prefer Decentralized Rental Platforms

Millennials are all so easy-going and it’s always surprising how they constantly strive for the freedom and independence. They are all always looking for more opportunities to ease their life, but not because they are lazy. Making their life easy is a key thing for them simply because they want to devote themselves fully to their search for happiness at work, life, and family. Let’s…

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Modern Investment Strategies

Traditional investments are the quickest and shortest way to the financial market. In here, you can easily diversify your investment portfolio. A lot of people are also investing in real estate because it is an excellent tangible asset. Compared to other tangible assets, the price performs more consistently over an extended period of time.

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Year in Review

Since the initial release of Rentberry platform, we’ve always believed that our mission is to make your rental experience better and easier. We move towards this for two years now and we think that today is a great day to review the 2017 and take a step forward keeping these achievements in mind!

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