Pre-Vacation Tips: Home Preparations You Should Do Before Your Trip

There is no denying that preparing for a vacation is both an exciting and stressful moment. After all, you have your packing list, luggage sets, itinerary, and travel documents to think about. Not to mention that you might have some office tasks that you need to turn over to your colleagues.

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A Comprehensive Guide on The Probate Process

Accomplishing your goals and earning the fruits of your hard work is indeed fulfilling. However, no matter how small or grandiose your assets and properties are, you can’t bring them on your eventual grave.

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Fighting Coronavirus in Your Rental: How to Clean Your Surfaces & Air

Effective testing and treatment of ill patients remain top priorities identified with the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). For rental property owners and their tenants, maintaining clean, sanitized and disinfected surfaces and air quality should be prioritized just as high as proper handwashing in this time of global pandemic. Implementing recommended uses of cleaning products, hand sanitizers, gloves, eye protection and air cleaners has…

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Ways Your Apartment Life Needs to Change Because of the Global Pandemic

The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, has dramatically changed our lives in just a matter of weeks. With potentially several more weeks to go of sheltering in place, now’s a good time to realize that many aspects of apartment living will be different going forward. Living in an apartment complex presents unique challenges for residents, beginning with due to the more constrained spaces than in detached housing,…

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Things to Look Out for When Buying Your First Residential Property

Buying your first home or residential property is an exciting time of your life. But, as you may look forward to it, it’s also common to have anxiety and apprehensions. After all, this is going to cost you a lot of money. So, you want to assure that you’re choosing a property that isn’t going to turn lemon. Once managed properly, the purchase of your…

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Live Next to The Oldest European Pubs

Beer is not just a beverage; it is a culture, a way of life. Crafting and appreciating beer is a part of the heritage of countless communities throughout the world. It plays a role in everyday life and accompanies celebratory occasions. For the first part of the 20th century, beer was perceived as vulgar and folksy dring, but later on, it started to get prominence…

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Energy-Efficient Spring Cleaning for Renters

Spring is on its way! You can tell because the longer daylight hours are bringing attention to all the dust that’s collected on every surface. It’s a fresh start for all the blossoms outside, which is why people often use it as an opportunity to give their home a deep clean and get rid of some household clutter.  Since you’re already cleaning out all your…

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As a Tenant, What are you Responsible for

For your rental to feel like home, you should establish a trusting relationship with your landlord. Disputes are bound to arise, and you should fully understand the rental agreement, acknowledge the rights and responsibilities. The best protection against the future disagreements is a well-negotiated lease that addresses the worries of both parties. The lease agreement should avoid grey areas, outline, and clearly articulate the significant…

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Best European Startup Hubs with Affordable Housing

For a long time, Silicon Valley was considered a golden standard of innovation hubs with diverse venture investments and vibrant tech ecosystem. Valley built up its reputation with countless start-ups, big corporate headquarters, innovation centers, and billions of dollars of investments. Nevertheless, the decentralized nature of the modern digital world cannot keep innovation to one location.  European Startup Ecosystem  In the recent decade, European countries…

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Rental laws in Germany

Rental laws in Germany largely favor tenants over landlords and offer extensive protection under a very robust legal framework. However, there are various types of rental agreements and distinct provisions for different types of property. You need to carefully consider your options and study clauses of your rental agreement before signing, since it is legally binding.  Rental Agreements in Germany Regardless of the specifics of…

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