Finding an Apartment for Rent: Tips for Potential Tenants

As a tenant, you’d better know that renting different types of property are associated with different problems and opportunities. For instance, renters of apartments or studio tend to suffer from a lack of storage space or parking issues. Those renting a condo might have problems with condominium rules and terms. People living in a single-family house might face issues associated with garden or attic.

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Best Places to Rent Near Los Angeles

If you’ve been living in Los Angeles for quite a while, you’ll agree that this city is amazing yet not for everyone. Although its major nickname is the city of angels, it actually has some down-to-earth problems. Among them are heavy traffic (really heavy one), a high cost of living (it is California, what did you expect?), and smog (day in and day out). For…

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Five Crucial Factors to Consider When Investing in Real Estate

Shopping for an investment property is not the same as shopping for a primary residence. When you’re looking for a home to live in, what matters most is whether or not you like it. Sure, you will consider a handful of other features, but still, you’re not going to create an income, you’re just looking for a nice place to live in. Needless to say,…

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7 Florida Cities That Are Best for Real Estate Investing in 2017

A lot of people send me emails and direct messages asking locations in the US that are especially good for real estate investing. Each time it happens, I try to do my best to help people sort through the multiple options and make the best investment possible. Such an unexpected (yet pleasing) demand in my expertise made me think of writing a series of articles…

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Top 10 College Dorms & Why Students Don’t Even Think of Rentals

They say college years are the happiest. And why shouldn’t they be such? You’re young and full of energy, and at the same time old enough to make your own decisions and choices. You meet hundreds of new people, accumulate knowledge and gain skills to succeed in the future, and not yet have to worry about finding a job or something like that. You study…

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