Best Places to Live: 5 Cities for Tech Professionals

If you live in the same reality as we do, you’ll sure agree that modern people seem to be falling into two camps – those with a tech job and those trying to get one. Well, it’s obviously a little too dramatized but still close to what is happening in the global job market these days. Tech jobs are well-paid, popular, and promising at least…

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6 Budget-Friendly Hacks to Protect Your Rental Property From Break-Ins

If you think your rental property isn’t a potential target for burglars, consider this: According to recent FBI data, a burglary occurs approximately every 18 seconds. This doesn’t necessarily mean your home or property will be hit, but with grim statistics like this, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? Many renters and landlords avoid investing in home security devices because they assume they’ll be…

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28 Questions You Need to Ask During an Open House  

Renting a home without attending an open house is pretty much like ordering shoes from Amazon. You can see the quality pictures, you know the size and color, but there is still a chance of misfit. The same story happens with rental properties. You can’t be hundred percent sure it’s your dream home until you come inside. Buying a pig in a poke is sure…

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5 Neighborhoods of LA That Will Give You the Highest Rental Yield in 2017

For many years in a row, Los Angeles has been building its reputation of a city where all dreams come true. Especially, if these dreams have something to do with money and fame. Given this, there’s no wonder that local rental market in today’s LA leaves much to be desired. Vacancy rates are ridiculously low (last year, LA was named the city with the fewest…

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How to Create a Pet Resume For Renting

Nothing should keep people from getting their dream apartments. And pet ownership is not an exception. Nonetheless, it happens times and times again. As much as 70 percent of American tenants own pets, and more than two-thirds of them say that pet ownership gives them hard times qualifying for rent. But the good news is that things are gradually improving. Over the years, the number…

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