Difference Between a Pet Deposit, Pet Rent, and Pet Fee

We all can agree that having a pet adds happiness to our lives and energy to our place. After all, some people say that a pet is all it takes to turn a house into a home. But, it also comes with extra responsibilities, requires to commit a lot of time, and, of course, entails extra costs. This is especially true when you’re a tenant…

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5 Financial Questions to Ask Your Roommates Sooner Than Later

We’ve all heard it before — the roommate horror story. The roommate who never made rent, no matter how many times they’d been confronted; the one who left everyone hanging by moving out early and taking the household TV with them. Sharing space with people is an intimate act, and it’s best done with people you know and trust. Building that trust takes communication —…

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Best Places to Live in London

London is truly a city where anyone can find what they are looking for. It can be extraordinarily posh and affluent, or vibrant, quirky, and unconventional. Of course, a lot depends on the place where you choose to live — the experience will vary for two people living in different districts.  That’s why we decided to pinpoint the best places to live in the capital…

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Renters Rights in Colorado: Everything You Need to Know as a Tenant

Are you a tenant living in Colorado state who’s going through the trials and tribulations of the tenant-landlord law? You’re in the right place! Here you can find answers to the most common questions any renter might have — from rental application to rental payments and tips on how to terminate your rental agreement the right way. Or, you can jump straight to the section that…

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Moving out From Your Parents House: Ultimate Guide

The time has come for you to take a leap of faith and leave the nest. Since this is your first time relocating, consider using all the help and tools available, like asking your friends to help you pack or using an app to compare moving companies. Also, hiring professionals to help you move out is smart since you’ve never done it before. But how…

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Why Tenant Screening Is Important

Ever since the first renter moved into the first rental property, landlords and their tenants have had disagreements. Whether they are in regard to the behavior of the tenant or the terms of the rental agreement, this struggle dates back to the earliest days of renters and rentals. From the thrown-together tenements of ancient Rome to the clapboard boarding houses of the old west and…

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5 Tips to Get Your Landlord to Install a Solar Panel System

In a world where environmentalism and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, landlords all over the world are looking for ways to upgrade their rentals in a green manner. If you’re looking to go solar as a renter, there’s not much you can do on your own – you need the approval and support of your landlord. That said, if your landlord has no intention of…

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Security Deposit 101: Definition and All Your Questions, Answered

This article continues with one of the most fundamental rental concepts every renter should know and understand!  Today, we take a closer look at the security deposit and everything related to it.  If you have any questions about a security deposit, its definition, the amount of a security deposit the landlord can charge, or how to get your security deposit back, you’re in the right…

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Most Popular House Plants: Choose the One for You!

Have you ever been jealous of your friend’s apartment looking like an urban jungle, full of different plants, flowers, and weird-looking shrubs? Ever thought, “I wish I had something like this, but I don’t have a green thumb?” Worry no more! Whether you found yourself here to choose one little fern to put on your desk or are planning to turn your whole home office…

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Tenant Rights in New Jersey

We firmly believe that the most essential part of the Renters 101 handbook is not how to beautifully decorate your rental or make a good impression on your neighbors. Although it is important, and you can find plenty of advice on these subjects on the Rentberry blog, there is a topic you have to pay special attention to as a renter. Of course, it’s tenant-landlord…

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