How to Sell an Occupied Rental House

They say nothing is permanent except change. And if you think of it for a moment, you’ll realize it’s true for all aspects of human life with no exception to work. To put it in a context, you may be a successful landlord for years and decide to call it quits overnight. No matter if you decide to get rid of just one of your…

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New Release: Search Redesign, MLS Integration, and SEO

Since we started to build our platform back in 2015, we’ve had one mission – to streamline the process of long-term renting and make it transparent for everyone involved. And it seems like we’ve already made huge strides towards this goal.

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Top Five Boston Neighborhoods for Rental Property Investment in 2017

Each time we decide on a topic of the next article, we try to imagine what kind of a person is most likely to be interested in reading it. This time was not an exception. Before typing the very first lines, we created a portrait of our prospective reader. And although we don’t normally make such information public, this time is different. Want some behind-the-scene…

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Best Places to Live: Cities to Boost Your Entrepreneur’s Career

Entrepreneurship is not about starting a business from scratch, nor it is about finding new solutions to old problems. It’s rather a state of mind not everyone is born with. Of course, that’s not to say that absolutely all successful entrepreneurs are born, not made. But if you think about it for a moment, you’ll realize that the most outstanding business figures of all time…

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Digital Marketing for Landlords: How to Advertise Your Rental Property Online

If you’re reading these right now, you are either my colleague who usually proofreads all of my texts before they see the light of day or a landlord having hard times finding quality tenants. If you are the latter, it’s just your luck to stumble upon this article. Having made huge strides in the rental industry, our team is now sure that there is one…

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