Tenant Rights in Florida

We continue our series of articles on tenants right in different states and today we want to tell our Florida tenants what are the state laws that they should look up to.

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How to Move with Valuable Items

Moving process needs a thoughtful approach, especially when it comes to moving your valuable items to a new place. Today we want to review the list of tips that should help you pack everything the right way.

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25 Ways for Renters to Save Money

We’ve all been students and we all know how tough is it to get those dollars on your first job. Being tired of spending too much money on your current place may be the reason for you to limit your budget and start looking for the ways to cut your spendings.

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Best Places to Rent Near Chicago

We could start this article with a classic Frank Sinatra’s quote about Chicago. Yes, it’s a great kind of town, but when it comes to living in the big city, sometimes you may want to run from the crowded noisy area and look for a place in the local suburbs.

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How to Find Housing for a Person with Disabilities

There are millions of renters affected by disabilities who search for a place and have to face a huge challenge while doing that. Unfortunately, there are a few apartments that meet the needs and requirements on the market. We have a few reports in possession with different numbers, but the most recent one would be the Harvard report that states that there are more than…

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