The First Half of 2023 on Rentberry: New Partnerships, Product Improvements, and More

As we enter the second half of 2023, we feel it’s time to share what the Rentberry team has kept busy with over the past month. In this piece, we are happy to present our newest partnerships, talk about some significant improvements to the platform, and discuss smaller (but nevertheless important) upgrades to our platform. 

Announcing New Partnerships

Similar to other quarterly and yearly updates, we also had some successes in terms of partnerships, thanks to our amazing business development team! Through the first six months of 2023, we were able to sign up a great deal of new partners and expand our reach worldwide. We are proud to present all of them to you:

  • (US)
  • Ziptoss (KR)
  • Inlife (ES)
  • MLS PIN (US)
  • Avail, by, (US)
  • ParisAttitude (FR)
  • Chez Nestor (FR)

Major Improvements

Updated Pricing Statistics

Being present in the rental market for years, we’ve gathered a colossal amount of data, which we process and use to provide valuable insights to both landlords and renters. As a platform that strives to bring transparency to the real estate market, we leverage comprehensive data analysis to offer up-to-date information that serves as a valuable resource for both parties involved in the rental process.

rental pricing statistics on Rentberry

Over the past months, we put our efforts into revamping our pricing statistics in thousands of locations around the world to improve user experience and offer even more information, empowering tenants and landlords to make informed decisions when it comes to renting or listing properties

Now, anyone can easily check pricing trends in their location for the previous months, filtering out properties by the type and number of bedrooms. We hope this change will assist users in understanding market trends, rental rates, and fluctuations in different locations and educate them about the current state of the local market.

SEO and Content Optimization

To improve user experience and increase visibility, our team has focused on technical SEO improvements and content optimization. Although we always keep in mind the latest SEO trends and continuously modify certain elements of our website (and its contents), we have put even more emphasis on it in the past few months.

In addition to technical SEO, Rentberry has also modified and added certain content blocks in search, such as frequently asked questions (FAQ), blog articles, and tips for renters, providing users with valuable information and resources throughout their rental journey. Moreover, our team has embraced AI solutions for content creation, leveraging innovative technology to deliver additional relevant and engaging information to our tenants and landlords.

search city info

Enhanced Search Functionality

Recently, Rentberry has made significant updates to its search functionality, with a particular focus on optimizing the map view. Thanks to these improvements, our tenants can now easier navigate and explore listings based on their preferred locations, making the search process more intuitive and efficient. 

What’s more, our development team has also introduced changes to the platform’s algorithms to enhance search accuracy and provide users with more tailored results. Additionally, we’ve implemented minor UX/UI changes that were intended to make the whole experience more seamless and user-friendly. Some examples of these updates include increasing the number of listings on a page and implementing breadcrumbs navigation. 

Other Improvements

We stay committed to our vow of making the rental experience as pleasant and easy as possible. To be able to achieve this, our team always continues incorporating new solutions and updating the core features. 

Other latest modifications and improvements that we’d like to mention include the following:

  • Property feed optimization
  • Parsing optimization
  • Picture duplicates checker
  • Minor bug fixes

As you can see, all these months, we’ve kept ourselves busy, trying to deliver the best experience to our tenants and landlords. We live by our motto that renting should be effortless for all the parties involved, and we never stop improving our platform. Stay tuned to see what comes next!

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