Renting in a New City: Tips for a Smooth Relocation

Are you looking to rent an apartment or house in a new city? Relocating can be exciting and stressful in equal measure. However, by taking some vital steps, you can make renting a house in a new city a seamless experience. Preparing and planning your relocation, such as researching your potential city, identifying job opportunities, and determining your rental budget, can be essential for a…

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Essential Tips for Living and Renting Alone as a Woman

Living alone as a woman is very doable, even if misconceptions still abound. Is it safe? Is it wise? Is it worth it? Despite people’s concerns, living alone in an apartment can be very rewarding and safe. Women can enjoy their solitude while feeling secure and confident in their living situation. For many, living alone is a positive, enriching experience.  Our tips for living alone…

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Energy Efficiency Matters: How New Windows Boost Your Home’s Value

Renovations usually come at a steep price, but the fact is, they add value to your home. Hence, it is not uncommon for homeowners to focus on procuring expensive items for home improvement. While these items may improve the home’s aesthetics, not all add the right value.  Ever heard the saying “a home is a lifetime investment?” Yes, and it’s only natural to tilt towards…

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6 Tips for Tenants to Save Energy

Saving energy has become a crucial debate today. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, America currently produces 5,981 million metric tons of harmful carbon emissions. 13% of that total is released by the residential sector. These statistics may not be easy to visualize, but the increasing cost of energy is guaranteed to make an immediate impact on every household. Incentives for Tenants to…

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10 Savvy Tips for Hosting Holiday Parties in a One-Bedroom Apartment

Hosting a rocking holiday party in a small space like a one-bedroom apartment may seem impossible, but if we’ve learned anything from the year, it’s that less can definitely be more. With the right wallet-friendly touches, you won’t need palatial digs or a matching budget to impress your guests. In fact, by maximizing your square footage, no one will ever notice the size of your…

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Remodel Your Apartment Without Losing Your Security Deposit

If you’ve spent the past year mostly stuck in your apartment, chances are you’ve thought about how you would improve the place. But before you break out the hammer and paintbrush, it’s important to know what you can and can’t do as a tenant.  We’ll go over a few tips for making over your apartment without breaking your lease and losing that oh-so-important security deposit…

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Reinvent Your Rental: Ideas to Revive Rental Bathrooms

If you are renting your home, you may want to get a few improvements on the way to make it feel more like yours. Apart from ensuring the security of your personal belongings through online insurance, you want to ensure that you are happy and content in your surroundings. Your landlord, or the former tenants, have their ideas of personalizing each room of the rental…

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Incredible Ways to Spruce Up Your Rental Kitchen

The last year completely changed our perception of comfort at home — whether it’s your own place or a rental. Now, we all strive to make the house we live in as cozy as possible. It might be harder, though, if you rent out the place — some think that it might be not worth it investing in the place you might leave at any…

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How to Turn Your Balcony into an Urban Oasis

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the collective impulse and desire to test our green finger. Living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do a little bit of gardening. Your balcony can be turned into a small urban oasis full of flowers, aromatic herbs, and even veggies.  Growing flowers and plants in an urban environment is also crucial for the…

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5 Tips to Get Your Landlord to Install a Solar Panel System

In a world where environmentalism and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, landlords all over the world are looking for ways to upgrade their rentals in a green manner. If you’re looking to go solar as a renter, there’s not much you can do on your own – you need the approval and support of your landlord. That said, if your landlord has no intention of…

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