Kitchen Improvement Ideas You Can Do For Under $100

Most of the time when you relocate to a new house, the kitchen is usually one of the places that are worn out. This is due to the constant use and presence of fire and sharp objects like cutlery. You may also decide to spruce up your kitchen to add more life to it. Kitchen improvement sounds like an expensive exercise but you can actually…

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How to Decorate a Tiny Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place to relax and restore after a long, hard day. But if you’re living in a home with a small bedroom, it can be hard to make space feel serene while storing all your belongings.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Rental Kitchen

While on the move, you often come across rental kitchens that are not styled to your heart’s desire. This may be a result of your landlord trying to save a few bucks, the previous tenant leaving the kitchen in bad condition, the rental being old or the place having old fixtures and appliances among others.

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Smart Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bill This Winter

If you’re living in regions that experience extreme temperature shifts, heating expenses can be one of the most significant components of your energy bill. But you don’t have to let the winter season eat up your budget. There are inexpensive means of improving your home’s energy efficiency so that your heater doesn’t have to work too hard to keep your house warm and cozy inside….

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How to Refresh Your Apartment Between Seasons

With each new season comes a feeling of change and it makes sense that your apartment, the place where you likely spend the most time, would evolve along with you. All you need is a simple refresh to reclaim your energy, eliminate disorganized corners, and welcome the new season with open arms. Keep these ideas in mind you as move into a new time of…

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25 Ways Renters Can Go Green

We live in times when people tend to underestimate how fragile our environment is. Our editorial team genuinely believes that some of us just don’t know enough about going green. Today we want to tell you how to make your rental more eco-friendly. This post includes more than twenty ideas that you should try at home.

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How to Prepare Your House for Overnight Guest

When we invite our friends to our rentals, we tend to forget the essential things that we have to prepare for their overnight stay. Our team wants you to take it seriously and make your home feel more cozy and welcoming. Make sure you review our ultimate list of tips before your guests arrive.

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How to Save Money While Living With Roommates

While there are lots of ways to save money besides rent, you shouldn’t forget about the most obvious way to pay less for your place. Getting a roommate to save money is popular among millennials, cause this is the easiest way to cut your expenses and bring your tight budget in order.

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How To Furnish Your Place at a Shoestring Budget

When your stay in the parents’ house comes to an end, you start looking for a decent place to start off your grown-up life and get that desired independence. We often forget that grown-up decisions are closely connected with your financial opportunities. It means that you can make the deepest research possible and find a truly amazing and affordable place at the same time, but…

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Ways Renters Can Go Solar and Why It’s Important to Know

There are lots of things that affect our lives in the long run. However, going solar is one of those things that you can do now and truly appreciate it later. Since humanity tends to have a bad influence on our Mother Earth, we should take advantage of all the possible options to save it. Earth Hour is great, but what else is out there?

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