Fighting Coronavirus in Your Rental: How to Clean Your Surfaces & Air

Effective testing and treatment of ill patients remain top priorities identified with the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). For rental property owners and their tenants, maintaining clean, sanitized and disinfected surfaces and air quality should be prioritized just as high as proper handwashing in this time of global pandemic. Implementing recommended uses of cleaning products, hand sanitizers, gloves, eye protection and air cleaners has…

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Ways Your Apartment Life Needs to Change Because of the Global Pandemic

The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, has dramatically changed our lives in just a matter of weeks. With potentially several more weeks to go of sheltering in place, now’s a good time to realize that many aspects of apartment living will be different going forward. Living in an apartment complex presents unique challenges for residents, beginning with due to the more constrained spaces than in detached housing,…

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Energy-Efficient Spring Cleaning for Renters

Spring is on its way! You can tell because the longer daylight hours are bringing attention to all the dust that’s collected on every surface. It’s a fresh start for all the blossoms outside, which is why people often use it as an opportunity to give their home a deep clean and get rid of some household clutter.  Since you’re already cleaning out all your…

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7 Easy Ways to Puppy Proof Your Apartment

Not many things in the world are as cute as a puppy. They draw you in with their puppy breath, chubby bellies and floppy ears. Any mischief is forgiven with a look in their puppy dog eyes.  Maybe your children have been begging for a puppy for years. Or you’ve finally moved into a place of your own and are looking for a canine companion….

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What Daylighting Can Do For You

All energy found on our planet, whether in our homes or in our food, originates from the sun. So why does it seem like we so often try to block out the sun’s rays? Most of us spend the better part of our lives indoors, working eight-hour days in fluorescent-lit cubicles. Modern offices and lavish apartments tout their open spaces and scenic window frames that…

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Must-Have Amenities for Millennial Apartments

Millennials are the biggest generational cohort in the renting market. Around 60% of millennials are currently renters in the housing market, in which they account for the majority of the market in total.

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Renovate Your Kitchen Under $100: Ideas & Inspiration

Most of the time when you relocate to a new house, the kitchen is usually one of the places that are worn out. This is due to the constant use and presence of fire and sharp objects like cutlery. You may also decide to spruce up your kitchen to add more life to it. Kitchen improvement sounds like an expensive exercise but you can actually…

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