Reinvent Your Rental: Ideas to Revive Rental Bathrooms

If you are renting your home, you may want to get a few improvements on the way to make it feel more like yours. Apart from ensuring the security of your personal belongings through online insurance, you want to ensure that you are happy and content in your surroundings. Your landlord, or the former tenants, have their ideas of personalizing each room of the rental property according to their taste. And while significant renovations may not be allowed, you can always make a few updates of your own and give it your unique style. There are many beautiful rental apartments in ideal locations that do not require considerable upgrades. Just the same, a few personal touches here and there can make you feel more comfortable and at home.

One of the areas of your place that could use reviving is the bathroom. Since it is one of the most frequently visited rooms in the house, it has to be as pleasant as you can make it. Below are some rental bathroom updates you can do to revive and personalize your bathroom.

Keep it clean

No matter what makeovers you do for your rental bathroom, it will do nothing if you do not keep it clean and organized. One of the biggest problems with toilets, rental or not, is that they become a storage area for just about every personal item you have. It also amasses half-full or unused bottles and jars of lotions and creams, shampoos, empty toothpaste tubes, and so many more. Water or soap stains on the shower enclosure, a far from clean sink, or tile floors that need scrubbing all contribute to an unattractive rental bathroom. Before you get down to your rental bathroom makeover, first things first. Declutter and clean up your bathroom. Apart from feeling good that everything is in its proper place, unnecessary stuff is thrown away, and the space is spotless, it will be much simpler to think of what you can do to revive your rental bathroom and make it pleasant and comfortable.

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Repaint it

A fresh coat of paint will always do wonders to any room, and the bathroom is no different. Repainting the walls and the ceiling gives it a brand new look and can even make a small space appear wider than it is. It is always best to paint your rental bathroom in neutral colors such as light blue or green. According to studies, light blue is a calming color, which is perfect for the bathroom, making it pleasant and comfortable to be in. Another reason why these shades are ideal and more practical is that they can easily match whatever accessories and style the bathroom can carry. On the other hand, bold colors may be a bit more challenging to coordinate with other decorative items. When it comes to bathrooms, neutrals are the way to go. Before starting on your repainting project, however, you may want to let your landlord know about your plans. If it makes the bathroom look so much better, there should hardly be any objections.

Retile the flooring

One of the things that are often neglected when updating the bathroom is the flooring. You may have done everything to make it look beautiful, but if your flooring is faded or worn-out, it can have an impact on the appearance you are trying to achieve. Old tiles are not only unpleasant to look at but can also cause more damage in other areas of the room. Even a tiny crack can signify that there is a leak somewhere and cause significant problems later on. On the other hand, tiles that are still in good shape may only require tile paint to revive them and make them look as good as new. You can also try vinyl floorcloths that come in various patterns and find one that suits your taste.

spruce up rental bathroom

Light it up

Your rental bathroom serves several purposes, from being functional to providing a stress-free ambiance to turn to after a long day’s work. However, bathroom lighting is frequently taken for granted. When this room is poorly lit, it is not as welcoming and pleasant as it should be. Ceiling lights may be sufficient to keep the bathroom well-lit. Still, you may want to surround your bathroom mirror with sconces or vanity light to help you perform your daily tasks like applying makeup or shaving. 

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Include a few art pieces

Your rental bathroom will look even more personalized when you add a few of your favorite art pieces. You could hang artwork on the wall or set a beautiful piece of sculpture on the shelf. These pieces can breathe life into your bathroom and make it look stylish. They also inject your personality into the room. However, avoid overcrowding the bathroom with too many knick-knacks that will occupy too much space and make it look messy. Choose a few select ones that can enhance the appearance of the bathroom and give it a classy, stylish look.

Bring plants in

Plants have a unique way of beautifying the home, no matter what room they are in. They are soothing to the eyes and are also natural air purifiers. The great thing about putting plants inside the bathroom is that they thrive within its humid surroundings. What many people don’t know is that indoor air may be even more polluted than the air outside. The reason is that pollution outdoors can quickly enter the home and stay there, mixing together with the smell of paint and other toxic chemicals. What plants do inside the bathroom is absorb toxic air and emit healthy oxygen. 

Additionally, plants have a way of uplifting the mood and bringing positive vibes into any room you place them. You feel good when you have nature around you, and having plants inside the bathroom is like bringing nature inside your personal space. They also absorb moisture, reducing dampness and improving the quality of air inside the small room.

Make your rental bathroom an area where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Use your creativity to spruce it up and make it look amazing.

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