1M Users per Month and Other Numbers of 2021

The past year has been big for Rentberry! From releasing new features to signing partnerships to hiring amazing professionals, all departments did more than a share fair of work in 2021.

What’s more, in July, we started our RegA+ investment campaign and so far raised almost $6M! As you might suspect, fundraising requires substantial effort, and our team is committed to make it as successful as possible. But, we never forget to devote most of the energy to the growth and development of Rentberry! 

In this post, we’re excited to present some statistics and numbers and sum up what we were able to achieve last year. Keep reading to learn about our progress!

2021 in Numbers

Let us start with a few numbers that illustrate the progress of Rentberry in 2021. Please remember that the percentage growth is calculated in comparison to the previous year.

New Users: +136%

Tenants Screened: +216%

New Signups: +89%

Tours Scheduled: +36%

Applies for Listings: +86%

During the year, Rentberry processed 24,438,265 properties, which is 113% growth versus 2020. This was possible thanks to the increasing amount of users as well as new partnerships we’ve signed in various countries.

Also, we are happy to share with you the record number of monthly users we hit by the end of the year:

1,019,526 Users in December 2021! 🎉

Finally, let us finish with some numbers for true statistics buffs. We are truly proud of this data, as it is the best proof that our team’s efforts bear fruits.

In 2021 our website had:

  • 8,350,635 users (136.07% growth vs. 2020)
  • 12,138,236 sessions (160.47% growth vs. 2020)
  • 22,403,657 unique pageviews (90.27% growth vs. 2020)

Top-10 Search Locations

The end of December and the beginning of January is prime time for lists. From looking back to the achievements of the past year to making annual resolutions and plans, people and companies all around the world take some time to sit tight and assess.

And, of course, we couldn’t resist ourselves and made lists of the most popular search locations and the fastest-growing countries on the Rentberry platform. Let’s start with the places where tenants looked for apartments most often in 2021 and the growth in searches since the previous year.

1. London, GB (+593.09%)

2. Dublin, Ireland (+155.69%)

3. Munich, Germany (+124.12%)

4. Berlin, Germany (+120.86%)

5. Mexico City, Mexico (+83.07%)

6. Sydney, Australia (+77.11%)

7. Stockholm, Sweden (+70.52%)

8. Warsaw, Poland (+54.21%)

9. New York, NY (+46.18%)

10. Seoul, South Korea (+32.95%)

User Growth by Country

One of Rentberry’s ongoing goals is to become a household name in the real estate industry. This requires steady growth in the number of users, which we successfully achieved in 2021. And, it’s a great pleasure to see that we simultaneously grew in so many countries — Mexico, Italy, Spain, and the US — tenants and landlords on different continents discovered Rentberry and the benefits it has to offer.

1. Mexico (+910%)

2. Italy (+811%)

3. Spain (+566%)

4. Ireland (+243%)

5. United Kingdom (+198%)

6. Australia (+78%)

7. United States (+56%)

8. Germany (+41%)

9. Canada (+36%)

Top Locations: Pet-Friendly Searches

Just like last year, we also paid special attention to tenants searching for pet-friendly rental properties. According to our data, 2021 has been a big year for pet owners in Australia and Europe!

1. Gold Coast, Australia

2. Berlin, Germany

3. Cairns, Australia

4. Edinburgh, UK

5. Zurich, Switzerland

We dream of making the entire rental process as transparent and easy as possible and showing tenants and landlords that it can be a pleasant experience. Thank you for sharing our vision in 2021, supporting us, and helping Rentberry become better. 

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and heavenly new year!

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