High Rise vs. Low Rise Apartments: Ultimate Comparison

What Is a High Rise Building? There is a question that many tenants face in big cities. It’s whether they should find an apartment for rent in a high rise building or look at a low rise one instead. We know exactly what points you should consider while resolving this complex dilemma. We’ve spoken to those who preferred living in the high rise buildings and…

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UK ‘Tenant Fees Act 2019’ Explained

The real estate market in the United Kingdom may be tricky compared to the American one. However, it’s way easier to figure out how to deal with long-term residential renting if you have one of our extensive guides handy.

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North Carolina Renter Rights Overview

North Carolina is a beautiful state with an average rent of $1,165 in Raleigh, and other most notable areas. This makes the NC rental market quite attractive. Our platform offers thousands of apartments for rent in Charlotte, Raleigh and other neighborhoods. Since we have thousands of apartments for rent in North Carolina, we decided to put the state’s tenant-landlord laws on a spotlight. Let’s see…

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It’s on The House: How to Find a Utilities Included Rental

Renting an apartment with all bills included may seem more manageable for you as a tenant, but first, we recommend you considering all the pros and cons of this idea. We’ve prepared an extensive review of this renting option, so you could make an informed decision before signing the final rental agreement. Understanding a ‘Utilities Included Apartment’ Some rental agreements may explicitly state that the…

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Backyard Improvements 101: Keeping It Low-Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

If you have a backyard, you know it entails a certain amount of yard work. If you don’t have the time or desire to spend time on outdoor chores, consider these low-maintenance alternatives. These suggestions are also eco-friendly, so you’ll be doing your part to save the planet. Go Native Because they’re used to growing in the area, native plants need less water and fertilizer…

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Run Your Bills with Ease: Complete Guide to Bills Management

In 2019 there’s more to think about than ever before when it comes to student bills. With so many companies on the market offering all kinds of different deals especially for student households, it can be hard to source the best options out there, and once you have, switch and manage them properly. In this blog post, we have done the legwork for you. Read…

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