Tenant Rights in Texas

Trying to rent an apartment in Texas? Knowing your rights never hurts. Especially, if you’re a long-term tenant and every now and then you find yourself in controversial situations related to your lease, security deposit, rent payments, landlord obligations, and alike. The list of situations when you can tremendously benefit from knowing your rights is long, but we will try to cover them all.

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Best Places to Live: Cities to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy and eating clean is the new black, and there are good reasons for that. With such an insane pace of life, stress at work and on your way there (say hello to traffic jams), lack of sleep, and extensive use of gadgets, we are gradually turning into the generation of burned-out-always-tired freaks. Given this, there is no wonder why an increasing number of…

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Finding an Apartment for Rent: Tips for Potential Tenants

As a tenant, you’d better know that renting different types of property are associated with different problems and opportunities. For instance, renters of apartments or studio tend to suffer from a lack of storage space or parking issues. Those renting a condo might have problems with condominium rules and terms. People living in a single-family house might face issues associated with garden or attic.

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Best Places to Rent Near Los Angeles

If you’ve been living in Los Angeles for quite a while, you’ll agree that this city is amazing yet not for everyone. Although its major nickname is the city of angels, it actually has some down-to-earth problems. Among them are heavy traffic (the really heavy one), a high cost of living (it is California, what did you expect?), and smog (day in and day out)….

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Top 10 College Dorms & Why Students Don’t Even Think of Rentals

They say college years are the happiest. And why shouldn’t they be such? You’re young and full of energy, and at the same time old enough to make your own decisions and choices. You meet hundreds of new people, accumulate knowledge and gain skills to succeed in the future, and not yet have to worry about finding a job or something like that. You study…

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Best Places to Live: Cities for Pizza Lovers

Since I’m quite the foodie, I totally understand the feelings of Joey from ‘Friends’ when he once said something like ‘Joey doesn’t share food!’. I mean, I’m totally ok with giving someone my broccoli or green salad, but it doesn’t hold true for something as delicious as pizza. Seriously. Sometimes a slice of pizza tastes so good I start to believe that not only marriages…

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Renting Apartments with Low Income [Or No Income At All]

If everyone had an annual salary of $80,000 and more, there would be no need for this article. However, we live in a different kinda reality where an average American earns only about $44,148 per year or $859 per week as stated in the recent report of the US Department of Labor. Given such an income and the ever-growing prices for long-term rent, it should come…

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Best Places to Live: Cities for Cycling

If for some weird and unfair reason you think that bikes are only for kids and sportsmen, you’ll be surprised to learn that one in three Americans rides a bike on a regular basis. Make some simple calculations and you’ll understand that it translates into an impressive 103,7 million people riding bikes every now and then. Some of them use bikes as a preferred means…

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15 College Towns To Live in After Studying

If you think of it, all college towns fall into two camps – those that are only good to live in during the college years and those that are just as good for a long-term commitment after graduation. What makes the two types of cities much different? The answer is threefold: job market, cultural and entertainment facilities, and the cost of living.

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Best Places to Live: Cities for Hiking

As each year brings the wave of new technologies and gadgets, it might seem that people no longer spend much time outdoors. Despite a number of hours an average person spends on screen (can you believe it’s around 10 hours per day?), it turns out that outdoor activities in general and hiking, in particular, are gaining in popularity. According to the most recent statistics out…

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