Rentberry’s 2023 Year in Review

As we say farewell to 2023, I am excited to reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved together. This year has been a testament to innovation, growth, and unwavering commitment to providing the best rental experience.

Revolutionized Search and Application Process

  • New Search Design: We transformed our search interface introducing new property cards with detailed information and image galleries, fast filters, and a flexible no-map-view option.
  • Instant Apply Feature: Our ‘Instant Apply’ feature, seamlessly integrated with the new search design, allows users to apply for properties directly from the search results – a game-changer in rental applications.

Rentberry's search redesign

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Efficiency

  • AI in Property Listings: We harnessed AI to streamline the listing process. Now, users can automatically generate detailed listings based on previously entered data about their property, significantly reducing the effort and time involved. Furthermore, we are actively expanding our technology by incorporating proprietary picture recognition software. This enhancement aids in generating accurate property descriptions, reducing duplicates, and mitigating fraud on our platform.

AI-powered property listing

SEO and Content Optimization

  • Focused Efforts: A significant part of this year was dedicated to tests, analyses, and implementing our SEO and content optimization strategies, enhancing our online presence and user engagement.
  • This optimization allowed us to increase user engagement to 94% dramatically!

Technical and Administrative Upgrades

  • Infrastructure Overhaul: We undertook extensive technical infrastructure updates, enhancing the security and scalability of our platform.
  • Admin Panel Enhancements: We added numerous features to our admin panel, boosting our team’s efficiency and convenience.

Record-Breaking User Engagement

Impressive Growth Figures: 2023 was a landmark year for us in terms of user engagement:

  • We hit 3 million monthly active users (MAU).
  • Our platform experienced 61 million sessions.
  • We proudly acquired 25 million users in 2023.

3 million users on Rentberry

Expanding Property Portfolio

  • Diverse Listings: Throughout 2023, a remarkable 62M+ unique properties were listed, showcasing our growing and diverse portfolio.


  • 70+ partnerships: Throughout 2023, we established numerous new partnerships, including Avail by,, InLife, MLS Pin, PadSplit, and others.

Top Searched Locations

  • Our most popular locations spanned globally, with New York, London, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seoul, Berlin, Sydney, Oslo, Stockholm, and San Antonio leading the searches.
  • By the close of 2023, Rentberry has successfully extended its presence to more than 60 countries worldwide. Our ongoing objective is to enhance our brand recognition on a global scale.

The most popular location on Rentberry in 2023

In summary, 2023 has been a year of groundbreaking developments and substantial growth. We have not only expanded our reach and services but also reinforced our commitment to providing an unmatched rental experience. Our journey continues, and we are excited about the prospects of 2024 as we plan to expand Flexible Living functionality.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Here’s to a promising and successful new year!

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