Catch The Wave: Find Your Surfing Paradise in US

Want to live and surf in the US? We have great news for you, cause there are lots of awesome spots that you may consider your future home. California, Hawaii and, even, Florida are ready to open their doors for you and meet you in their local communities. Let us show you the real top-notch locations in this post!

Cocoa Beach, FL

Conditions: Surfing report
Average rent price: from $710
Population: 11,466
Living Cost Index index: 113.1

Starting the list of the best surfing places and not mentioning California or Hawaii may sound like a beginning of an article from some bizarre reality, but here we are. Since the average rental price always plays a leading role in our endless search of new home, we gotta note that this one is nearly the cheapest.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

People call Cocoa Beach an East Coast surfing capital and the truth is, this location is a sweet spot. Here you can take a surf lesson, go surfing with your friends or chill at the pier with a drink at your hand.

This town happens to be home to a few massive surfing festivals like Florida Surf Film Festival, Easter Surf Fest, Beach’ N Boards Fest and the NKF Surf Festival. You can also attend a Cocoa Beach Friday Fest occasionally or visit a Florida Surf Museum. They even have a few truly good gear shops and themed cafeterias. If you love surfing, this will feel like a home to you.

Ocean City, NJ

Conditions: Surfing report
Average rent price: $1,014
Population: 106,090
Living Cost Index: 162.2

Ocean City is a real Jersey Shore gem. People usually say that this location has the cleanest beach and plenty of space for people to hang out, surf and spend time.

It is quite crowded during weekends and very nice in the offseason, but it’s fun both times of the season. Since there are beach tags here, there are highly qualified lifeguards here who are available to help you or rescue anyone who happens to be in danger.

Ocean City, New Jersey

Local authorities enforced a smoking ban at the beach and the Ocean City itself is a ‘dry town’, so you won’t be able to buy liquor anywhere here. This is a quiet and family-friendly place.


Encinitas, CA

Conditions: Surfing report
Average rent price: $1,500
Population: 62,160
Living Cost Index: 187

Encinitas is a surf town with endless opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures. The beaches are 10-15 minutes away and are maintained well by local authorities. Here you can surf, boogie board or simply relax on the shore with your friends and family.

Encinitas, California

The commute time around the city to local amenities is reasonable and some may give it a 5/5.

You want to see big city life here, but you’ll live in a very friendly community with all the amenities and attractions for a happy surfing life.

San Clemente, CA

Conditions: Surfing report
Average rent price: $1,466
Population: 65,082
Living Cost Index: 219

This is a quite small beach town where most of the businesses are locally run and family-owned. The beaches can offer you good surfing opportunities and a chance to catch the best waves around.

San Clemente

Residents of San Clemente are very laid back, living with them in one society gives you a feel of a chill vibe of kindness. Being one of the most beautiful cities in Orange County, this town is also located very close to both LA and San Diego.

While being in California for surfing, make sure you visit San Clemente’s amazing typical California shores. There is a great chance that you’re gonna love this location, but we’d recommend you to try it out first and book a surf holiday or surfing lessons via SurfHolidays. This is a great chance to explore the location and make a more informed decision for your next move!

La Jolla, CA

Conditions: Surfing report
Average rent price: $1,598
Population: 30,698
Living Cost Index: 248

La Jolla is well known because of the La Jolla Cove where you can watch the seals playing and the simply enjoy the amazing view, enjoy the nature.

Diverse reefs and beaches offer a wide range of surfing conditions and opportunities, but there are a few spots that you should know.

La Jolla

La Jolla Shores will work fine for the beginners. That’s where you can see more predictable waves and join the surfing lessons from local surfing school.

If you consider yourself a more experienced surfer, go to the Black’s Beach and meet the best waves of San Diego. You’re gonna need a lot of energy since the only way to access this spot is hiking down the cliff. As you remember, you’re gonna carry a surfboard with you, so it’s gonna be a tough road.

Apartment hunting done easy

Huntington Beach, CA

Conditions: Surfing report
Average rent price: $1,786
Population: 198,724
Living Cost Index: 200.1

Local community really appreciates the surfing history. This is a huge part of their culture and being a surfer yourself you’ll simply feel like home.

The location of this city is very convenient since Los Angeles and San Diego are both on a distance of an under two hours ride.

Huntington Beach

The waves here can reach up to 8-feet. The housing here is a bit pricey, but people say that more affordable housing is constantly developed in this area. The city is expanding, but you still have a chance to live within 5 minutes of a beach and, at the same time, close to big cities.

Ventura, CA

Conditions: Surfing report
Average rent price: $1,791
Population: 849,738
Living Cost Index: 159.4

The small beach community of Ventura attracts lots of surfers these days. The location of this city is a hidden gem that you should note. Being located right between the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, it gives you a feeling that you can get anywhere in around 40 minutes (and it’s literally true).


The weather is always perfect, and the temperature is comfortable enough for a healthy lifestyle. It’s so predictable you can literally forget about the weather reports.

A chance to have a beach right near your doorstep is great and the city itself feels safe and cozy. Head to the local downtown to find the best restaurants and bars and then go kayaking, surfing or attend any other sport activities, Ventura offers a whole variety of them!

Honolulu, HI

Conditions: Surfing report
Average rent price: $1,838
Population: 992,605
Living Cost Index: 94.26

Can you imagine this list without Hawaii? We couldn’t either! Honolulu is a legendary spot and not paying enough attention to it is a real ‘crime’.


The beaches here are iconic! You can go to the Sunset Beach or pay a visit to Kewalos if you’re a surfer-beginner.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Since Honolulu is a capital of Hawaii archipelago, you’ll see that there are lots of great surfing spots here. The overall location makes surfers all over the world come here.

Of course, this affects the living cost and the average rental price, but who wouldn’t pay a fair price to live in this surfing paradise, right?

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