Jersey City

Used to thinking that Jersey City is just a place to stay near the NYC? Hurry up and change your mind. In fact, today it is widely considered to be the sixth borough of New York City - and for good reason. You can still commute with ease to the Big Apple, but would you look for expensive apartments in New York City when you have Jersey City? One of the America’s largest downtown business districts and new housing units breathe new life into the area. Today, Jersey City is not a transit point but your destination of choice!

City Overview

If you can’t decide whether to choose a big city or a small town, pick something in the happy middle. Take a look at Jersey City. It has everything you might need: business, arts, finest entertainments of all sorts. It’s a growing city, so you definitely won’t get bored. At the same time, Jersey City is not insane just yet. And yes, it is close to New York, so add the landmarks of the Big Apple to your list. Choosing Jersey City, you get the best of both worlds.


But what allowed Jersey City to grow so fast, you ask. Well, business, of course, it was a business. Jersey city is home to the headquarters of two grand money management firms Lord Abbett and Verisk Analytics. Goya Food recently opened its warehouse and distribution center out there. Forbes moved its headquarters to Jersey City, too, and brought prestigious job opportunities along.


There’s a connoisseur of culture in each of us. For bookworms, the Jersey City Free Public Library offers rich permanent collections, as well as hosts exhibitions. Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal will get science lovers intrigued. The Jersey City Museum and Mana Contemporary specialize on art. And it’s getting better! If the combination of culture and outdoors attracts you, there is a set of public art exhibitions around Jersey City. Don’t miss the Hudson County Shakespeare Festival in the parks of Jersey City: one free production per each summer month.


Statue of Liberty National Monument, Liberty Island, Ellis Island, Liberty Science Center, Loew’s Jersey Theatre, Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal, the Katyn Memorial, the Colgate Clock.


Come on, shoppers, it’s your time to break loose! The West Side, Danforth, and Central Avenues will give you anything you want. Newport Mall is not to be overlooked when in Jersey City, as well. And here’s the best part: certain merchants provide a half sales tax rate compared to other New Jersey areas. We bet you on this one: if you come to Jersey City, chances are good that you won’t ever be able to make yourself leave it.


Jersey City has one of the best-developed public transportation systems in the US. Almost half of the residents prefer commuting to work by trains, buses, or even ferries and water taxis. It’s not only convenient but also fun! Not to mention you get grand views of Liberty Island as you go. But if you prefer your own wheels, Jersey City allows you to travel by either car or bike: the roadways and bicycle routes are well-maintained.

Finding Apartments in Jersey City for Rent

Before you come to Jersey City, remember you need an apartment for rent. Rentberry is a great assistant developed just for your convenience! Thousands of alternatives that consider all your wishes, from low prices to classy lofts, long-term houses or furnished apartments in high-rises, great views, additional facilities. Just name it!

Mind the traffic. Especially, if you often commute from Jersey City to New York City. It’s best to filter available rentals by neighborhood and find a place for rent closer to work. Consider if your owner lives nearby and can help you with maintenance issues. Pay attention: you need to indicate if you have a pet. Giving your rental history won’t harm, as well. It’s always worthwhile to let others know what a great tenant you are. Especially, when the competition for the best homes for rent is this high. And if you want to avoid all the hustle, make a custom offer: trust us, it helps! New Jersey offers many long-term houses for rent, so you don’t need to feel squeezed inside the city. Suburbs of Jersey City will work great for people looking for a long-term home for rent. Property type filters allow you to choose even the number of bedrooms. Don’t be shy, check out the cozy houses for rent with two bedrooms, or large homes with four.

Possibilities for students in New Jersey are almost limitless. Try searching for apartments in West Side for rent, in the vicinity of NJCU or Saint Peter’s University. Rentberry will help you with renting long-term apartments in Jersey City Newport if you attend the University of Phoenix. Just remember you don’t need to come beforehand: just apply online, and you’ll be able to complete all the tasks remotely!

Jersey City Neighborhoods

Historic Downtown

Are you looking for an apartment for rent in a district with rich history and exquisite architecture? Check out Downtown. Historic buildings coexist with new high-rises that offer superb housing options for rent in Jersey City. This neighborhood of Jersey City is family-friendly, but it also welcomes young residents, of which coarse tables and hanging bulbs outside the small restaurants testify.

Journal Square

Coffee shops, art galleries, and restaurants wherever you look are a telltale sign you are in Journal Square. Getting increasingly popular among the residents, this neighborhood has best offers for the apartments in Jersey City for rent. Try one of the gorgeous lofts: you won’t find better views at lower prices anywhere else in Jersey City.

West Side

Students of New Jersey City University or Saint Peter’s University find West Side best for sleeping late. Not necessary to get out of an apartment in West Side early if you only need to turn around the corner to be on time. The proximity of an array of colleges guarantees the well-being of locally-owned businesses. Learning in between entertainment: it’s great to be young in Jersey City!

The Waterfront

This area is probably the most built out, with the exception of Jersey City Downtown. This is natural: the views are incredible! Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want to have and apartment for rent near water, with the outlook on the skyscrapers by the Hudson River, the gentrified neighborhood and a promenade just outside the door? Of course, the price might be telling, but apartments in the Jersey City Waterfront neighborhood are totally worth it!

McGinley Square

A district between West Side, Journal Square, and Historic Downtown, this neighborhood appears to be one of the most promising in Jersey City. McGinley Square is still full of students but, unlike West Side, also has strong business atmosphere. Local associations tend for the interests of residents, which means the apartments in this area for rent are a nifty investment when you live in Jersey City.


In 19th century, Greenville on the south merged with Jersey City to form its current outline. Today, this neighborhood still has local government and feels a bit away from Jersey City. Greenville is mostly residential, for rent or ownership, with family low-rises at its core. Naturally, it’s full of parks and recreations (including Liberty State Park). Greenville is also home to Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum, a branch of the Jersey City Free Public Library.

The Heights

It’s calmer, and houses are lower here than anywhere else in Jersey City. Homes for rent are mostly for families, designed from single to 2-3 households. For commuting around New Jersey, Transfer Station is close by. Welcoming community and comfort are the main attractions of the Jersey City Heights so that even the mayor of the city preferred this neighborhood to an apartment for rent in the busy Jersey City Downtown.


It’s close to Jersey City Waterfront, and it’s redeveloped to the mixed-use community. Condos and apartments for rent in residential towers in this district of Jersey City are a real bargain. Besides, a lot of office buildings are here, so there’s a good chance your place of work will be just around the corner. Newport Centre Mall is also here: shopping has never been so easy.