Benefits of E-Signing Your Rental Agreement Online

Online lease agreement signing is quite a new option that is now available for both tenants and landlords. Before this idea has gone online, people used to meet in person to sign a paper rental contract. Now, using a new digital signature technology, there is no need to waste time on it anymore. Electronic lease agreement option enables you to sign a contract online quickly from any place and at any time you want.
Of course, it is an innovative and even revolutionary solution on the rental market. Some people may have doubts whether this method is secure and effective, which is quite normal. Make sure that e-signing a lease is the best choice!

Is it Legal to Use Electronic Signatures?

Is e-signing is a safe and reliable way of cooperation between tenants and landlords? Of course, it is! More and more people are switching to online leases while renting a place. The main reason for such popularity is the convenience of the method. It is also completely legal to sign rental contracts online.

Want to find out why it is a more practical option than the traditional one?

Here are the advantages of the e-signing!

Firstly, online contract signing is an absolutely legal way that is based on the U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (ESIGN), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and the European Union eIDAS (EU No.910/2014) regarding electronic signatures and transmissions. It means that signing leases online is a 100% legal, safe and easy method.
Moreover, electronic signatures are widely recognized all over the world. In other words, a lot of countries have already switched to this method, as it is less burdensome than ink signatures. E-signing speeds up the whole deal-making process!

There are 6 important things that you should take into account while relying on this method:

  • Authentication of the signature. On Rentberry, we utilize HelloSign electronic signature service. Everyone who uses it is authenticated and should provide either the login data or receive a special request for a signature via the e-mail. All the personal data including passwords and usernames are properly encrypted with the help of 256-bit SSL method. Accidental information leakages are prevented by session timeouts that are done automatically. Moreover, you always receive notifications on your e-mail when some actions are taken in your account.
  • Signature affixation. Every signature is affixed to the contract. Each contact is also affixed with the audit trail that helps identify who and when signed the contract.
  • The authenticity of the contract. An authentic copy of every document is created before it is signed by the parties.
  • Reliable transaction history. Comprehensive transaction history is available for an easy reach at any time you need it.
  • Universal solution for any platform. You can access your rental agreement from anywhere if you have a stable Internet connection and are using a major web browser.
  • Easy download. Your document can be easily downloaded in a convenient PDF format.

Is it a Smart Decision to Start Using an Online Agreement Signing Option Now?

It is a really smart decision to use this innovative technology on Rentberry, as it will improve and streamline the whole process of signing the contract. This option is beneficial for both tenants and landlords!

E-sign your lease online

Top 6 Benefits for the Tenants

  1. It is fast. The contract can be signed without wasting time on going somewhere. It saves the tenants a lot of precious time.
  2. It is safe and reliable. This technology will help you build a good relationship with your landlord that will be based on trust and transparency. You will have an easy access to the contract and will be able to check all of the terms before you make the final decision.
  3. You will have a digital copy of your lease, available 24/7 in a handy format. There will also be no need to address the landlord for a hard copy if you accidentally lose your paper contract.
  4. It ensures a better move-in. It is more comfortable to access the rental agreement online to investigate it properly when you have time.
  5. You can sign the rental agreement virtually to save travel expenses! It is especially convenient if you are coming from another state or country.
  6. You can easily access the digitally signed contract from any place. All you need is a good Internet connection – and that’s it!

Top 7 Benefits for the Landlords

  1. It is fast and time-saving. Using this method, there is no need to meet with your tenants several times before they decide to sign the contract.
  2. It enables you to save money. If your tenants ask for some changes to the contract, there is no need to reprint it many times. You can do everything online. It makes the whole editing procedure easy, fast and convenient.
  3. It makes you look more professional. Your tenants will find you more customer-oriented if you lease documents online.
  4. It gives you the possibility to earn more. If you are a landlord who has several apartments for rent, you’ll like this method immensely. As long as everything is done online, you can sign more contracts within the same time period without wasting some extra effort on it.
  5. It is environmentally friendly. This way of signing the contract doesn’t require using paper, so you will be able to save trees.
  6. You’ll boost occupancy and receive better reviews from happy renters with less effort. People like convenient things. The same is fair when it comes to signing the rental contract! If it saves their time, they will be thankful to you and give you great testimonials afterward.
  7. You won’t have to renew the contract every time you have new tenants. All you have to do is to go online and simply resend the agreement to your renters in just one click.

Let us Resolve the Common Concerns that You May Have

Rentberry understands all of the hassle associated with lease signing. Our goal is to make it simple, effective and pleasant for both tenants and landlords. Focus on what is important and don’t waste any more time on the unnecessary paperwork! Rentberry is out there to resolve all your concerns and help you streamline the whole process to close the deal quickly. You can sign the contracts via our website and store all of the documents on Rentberry, which is completely safe and easy!

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