When you decide to settle on the West Coast, Omaha is among the top choices for you to consider. It’s a busy transportation and business hub, perfect for building your career. It has a bit of everything in culture and recreation. You can spend one day for each of Omaha’s landmarks, and you’ll need years to see them all. It’s old, it’s growing, it will surprise you. Welcome to Omaha, Nebraska!

City Overview

Omaha is a diverse city in the widest sense of the word. Its population is represented by different ethnic groups, including Native Americans. Its rich architecture combines the variety of styles like Spanish Renaissance, Classic Revival, and Prairie School style. The city is still an important transportation hub of the West Coast, and its businesses are thriving. Whatever you are looking for, Omaha has a lot to offer. Don’t hesitate: come and find something that suits your unique personality!


Several grand companies, including Kiewit Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, and Mutual of Omaha, located their headquarters in the city. The national importance of Omaha is presented through the Union Pacific Corporation, the largest railroad operator in the US. If you are skilled and knowledgeable, Omaha’s got a job for you; it’s the best city for gaining your first fortune.


A lot of American big towns were built in the middle of the 19th century at best, but not Omaha. The largest city of Nebraska is among the historical places dating back to the beginning of 18th century, when the first pioneers gave Omaha its nickname, Gateway to the West. First settlers were Native American tribes, followed by the pioneers who built fur trading outposts. The economic boost happened after Omaha became an important stopping point before heading west. Development of railroads and breweries, and later meat processing and packaging became the major businesses in Omaha.


The Joslyn Castle, Downtown Omaha’s Union Station, the Burlington Station, the General Crook House, the Nash Block, the Bank of Florence, the Omaha National Bank Building, Henry Doorly Zoo, the Christian Specht Building, St. Cecilia Cathedral, Holy Family Church, Old Market, the Near North Side, the Gerald R. Ford Birthsite and Gardens, the Webster Telephone Exchange Building, Kountze Park, the M.E. Smith Building, the USS Hazard, the Livestock Exchange Building, Omaha Public Library.


If you like spending your time outside of the four walls, explore the possibilities in Omaha. The city’s running lifestyle is supported by its paved running trails. Each September, a race of 10 kilometers takes place in the city. If you like biking, your hobby won’t be left unattended either. Prefer more relaxed recreation? Then do stroll around the city: its historic part was initially designed to create the flow of trees and flowers throughout Omaha. And don’t forget about sports: the city hosts the annual College World Series at the TD Ameritrade Park in Downtown Omaha.


Cars in America are a given, but what Omaha does not lack is public transportation. Established as a transport hub throughout its history, it offers you easy access to Union Pacific Railroad that can take you anyplace in the US. For city commute, Amtrak is the best of options. But just in case you dislike trains (impossible, right?), Metro Transit, the Megabus, and Greyhound Lines give you the perfect alternatives for getting from point A to point B both in Omaha and throughout Nebraska. Enjoy!

Finding Apartments for Rent in Omaha

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Omaha Neighborhoods

Downtown Omaha

The oldest, the busiest, the most well-known area of Omaha, Downtown combines the central business district with entertainment, government, and social core. If you are looking for the apartments for rent in the proximity to all the good things Omaha has, this is your place of choice. And remember, living in a historical house and walking down the old streets is one of the beauties of life.

South Omaha

Look through the apartments in South Omaha for rent. Historically, its growth was so fast that it got the name of the Magic City; today, its development is in quality, not quantity. Historic buildings, a variety of landmarks, churches, and cultural diversity contribute to the unique nature of the neighborhood.


Grand corporations fancied Midtown for their headquarters, so there won’t be any problems to avoid traffic on your way to work. The apartments in this neighborhood are available for rent in either historic or modern buildings. A wide range of landmarks such as St. Cecilia Cathedral, the Walnut Hill Reservoir, and the Masonic Manor will brighten up your days off.

North Omaha

Want to live in a quieter residential area? How about North Omaha for a change: the community here is strong and friendly, the amenities are developed for families with children, and architecture ranges from Queen Anne to Greek and Classical Revival styles. Settle here and choose a perfect place among the historic houses for rent and modern apartments in residential complexes.

West Omaha

If you are looking for a place with modest prices, check out the apartments for rent in West Omaha. The houses here are newer than the majority in Omaha, and the area is mostly residential, although the architecture is still considered historically significant. The famous village of Boys Town is in the area, which gives the neighborhood its warm atmosphere with strong civic spirit.

East Omaha

Travel a lot? How about choosing a place near Eppley Airfield, the main airport of Omaha? This area is also great for people who like spending time outdoors: Lake Carter and the adjoining park is close by. Homes for rent in this neighborhood can be found at the various range of prices and property types, so pick your favorite!