Welcome to the cultural capital of Oklahoma. Home to an abundant supply of art deco buildings, tasty barbecue, and serious exotic cocktails. There’s never a dull day in Tulsa. Come check it out, we are waiting for you!

City Overview

There are over 399,500 people in Tulsa, making it the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, and the 47th most populous city in the nation. Tulsa is considered the “Buckle of the Bible Belt,” so you’ll find a lot of strange yet disregarded laws there. Did you know it has been illegal to tattoo in Oklahoma since 1963? Tattoo aficionados can still get inked in the city - just look out for subversive “tattoo removal” signs instead. Top-rated universities in Tulsa are University of Tulsa, Tulsa Community College, Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma State University - Tulsa, and Platt College.


The Living Arts of Tulsa on East Brady is the best place to dive in the local art scene. This art gallery hosts a myriad of activities, including art classes for people of all ages, creative festivals, and a monthly art crawl on the first Friday of each month. The Living Arts of Tulsa also hosts a popular Dia De Los Muertos celebration on the 1st of November. Keep abreast of the art trends and pop-up galleries in Tulsa, and you’ll never get bored.


If you love humidity, then Tulsa is your place. Tulsa has a yearly average temperature of 60.8 °F and an average precipitation of 41.0 inches. Watch out for severe thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes during the spring and summer months.


BBQ, Lebanese Steakhouses, Coney Island Hot Dogs with Chilli, Wild onion dinners, and the traditional Southern homestyle food is only a part of what Tulsa has to offer. Known far and wide for its barbecue traditions the local BBQ isn’t just your average. The region’s ethnic diversity can be tasted in the food - overt influences of American Indian culture, African-American culture, and Caucasian-American culture can be felt depending on which barbecue joint you decide to visit. Stop by Tulsa’s T-Town BBQ Cook-Off for an impressive display of Oklahoma barbecue.


Ethnically speaking, the local population is 62% White, 15% Black, 5.3% American Indian, and 2.3% Asian. Others identify themselves as of two or more races.


Philbrook Museum of Art, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa Air and Spain Museum & Planetarium, Golden Driller, Tulsa Zoo, Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, Center of the Universe, Woodward Park, Guthrie Green, Hunter Park.


Spend a day admiring tigers, lions, and orangutans in Tulsa Zoo. Rent a bicycle and take an adventurous tour of the Art Deco architecture in downtown Tulsa. Take a hike on the winding trails in Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area. And of course, you can’t leave Tulsa without visiting the Port City Raceway on East Pine Street. Horse races take place here every Saturday night from March to October.


On those days where you need to relax with a cocktail, Valkyrie will get you covered. All you have to do is to tell the award-winning mixologists what flavors you have a taste for, and they will whip up a one-of-a-kind drink that will blow you away. Looking to let your hair down a bit more? Area 18 Bar & Ultra Lounge on 18th Street is the place for all Hip Hop, EDM & Top 40’s dancing. Searching for live music? Westbound from 33rd Avenue books the most talented musicians in Tulsa: stop in here on a Wednesday night for a real acoustic treat.

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Tulsa Neighborhoods

Brady Arts District

This dynamic area is popular amongst young artists and musicians looking for apartments for rent in Tulsa. Be sure to check out the First Friday Art Crawl where local artists gather to sell one-of-a-kind creations to their supportive neighbors. The Brady Arts ‘hood slogan is, “Arrive Early and Stay Late!” Are you up for the challenge? Look for condos for rent starting around $500 per month.

Mid-Town Village

Shoppers, welcome home. Midtown Village shopping center has enough shops and boutiques to keep you emptying your pockets week after week. Hang out with the locals at Charleston’s Restaurant on South Yale. They have a full gluten free menu for the hipsters and a robust wine list for the boozers. Search for unique long-term apartments and duplexes in this attractive neighborhood.


Right in the heart of Tulsa with miles of ranch homes sitting on glorious patches of green and a sprawling lake, there is Mockingbird. It’s also home to University of Oklahoma Tulsa campus, which makes it a great place for students and recent graduates to find apartments for rent. Student apartments in Mockingbird start at only $450 per month.

Expo Square

This area of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is special for countless reasons. Many Tulsa landmarks such as the Expo Square Pavilion, the Fair Meadows horse racing track, and the Tulsa Drillers stadium are located here. Find locals pouring into the Fair Meadows Sports Grill, soaking up booze and bar treats after a long day at the racing track. East Village attracts established young co-eds looking for apartments in Tulsa for rent.

East Village

This quaint neighborhood is home to the second largest LGBT community in Oklahoma. East Village is popular with young professionals searching for apartments for rent, and there are many attractions to keep them occupied. Swing by Valkyrie on East Mathew B. Brady Street for handmade artisanal cocktails and one-of-a-kind craft beers. Look for spacious single-family homes with garages for rent in East Village.