1134 Apartments for rent in Alaska (AK)

If you are hiding or trying to lay low, if the mobsters are hot on your heel, or if you prefer low temperatures, the Last Frontier offers you all with a nice treat of gorgeous wild nature landscapes. Bought from Russia for $7 million, Alaska is the concentration of native culture that creates a unique atmosphere you won’t be able to feel in any other state. Visit one of the folk music festivals in Alaska, or tune your radio – modern music is tinged with ethnic elements. Fests of all kinds are incredibly popular in the state, yet the best spectacle is the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Alaska is the largest US state, and also the most sparsely populated, with half of the people living in Anchorage metro area. Also, millionaires love this state – there’s just so much oil and natural gas here! Lots of jobs in seafood export allow being picky. For education, the University of Alaska Fairbanks offers some of the best student programs in the nation.