32571 Apartments for rent in Arizona (AZ)

Arizona was last to become part of the US among the contiguous states; curiously, part of it was bought from Mexico. It’s the desert state with scorching hot summers and practically non-existent winters. It has some forests and few mountains with snow – thus the ski resorts of Flagstaff and Tucson. But what it’s truly known for are the canyons. The territory of the Grand Canyon State is sprinkled with national parks (like the Grand Canyon National Park) and national monuments, and also Indian reservations that are home to almost thirty tribes including the Navajo. Large metropolitan areas (home to over 4 million people) are few including Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, and Scottsdale. The Copper State, obviously, is a great miner, delivering two-thirds of the US copper. Add cotton farming and tourism, and you get the picture of the local economy. Most important employers are Walmart, Banner Health, Intel, and Home Depot, and also public and private schools such as the University of Arizona, Prescott College, and the University of Phoenix.