5844 Apartments for rent in Louisiana (LA)

A number of occasional nicknames stuck to Louisiana during its history, from the aquatic Bayou State and Child of the Mississippi to the ethnocentric Creole State. Officially, however, it’s the Pelican State since all those marshes and swamps beg to be inhabited by the large flocks of Pelecaniformes. Mixed race is not a culture in Louisiana, it’s a style of life. Many languages are spoken, many rituals performed, many genres of music played. Join one of the most legendary carnivals of the globe, Mardi Gras, with its festive processions of colorful masks and fatty foods eaten to the Afro-Caribbean rhythms. The culture of Louisiana along with its most important features from business to art are most prominently celebrated in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. They also have the local Hollywood South due to a rich film industry. Louisiana is typically friendly with small businesses, although there are also some giants including Entergy Corp., CenturyLink, and the McIlhenny Company. Two of the local schools made it to the top of American learning facilities: Tulane University and Louisiana State University.