12159 Apartments for rent in Michigan (MI)

Michigan is the true Great Lakes State – even its name says so (check if you speak Ojibwe). It’s the only state that is located on the two peninsulas across the Mississippi River. The largest city in the Mitten State, Detroit is five times bigger than the rest of the large cities including Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, and the state capital Lansing. Michigan is widely known for its highlights: music from punk rock to soul and techno, a range of big theatres, professional sports teams, most of them of wildlife nature (Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, not to mention the traditional Wolverines of the University of Michigan). General Motors, Ford, Whirlpool, Chrysler, and a number of other manufacturers of international significance are based in Michigan. Fun fact: the Great Lakes State is one of the leading growers of Christmas trees. Michigan also is home to several top national universities, including the University of Michigan (top 20), Michigan State University (top 40), Wayne State University (top 100).