8147 Apartments for rent in Missouri (MO)

The locals lovingly call their homeland Show Me State, and they say it’s because Missourians are skeptical. Well, is that true, really? The history of the territory dates 12,000 years back, thus the name Cave State. In the more tangible past, Springfield, Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis were established; today, they are large metropolitan areas. Follow the history of the US expansion through the Gateway Arch in the independent city of St Louis: Oregon, Santa Fe, and California Trails started here and pushed the boundaries of America westward. The history of the Mother of the West poured into unique culture: combining West and South, Missouri became home to Kansas City jazz, ragtime, and St Louis blues. Kansas City is also known for its delightful barbecue, and St. Louis – for its beer brewing. Anheuser Busch is based here, as are Cerner, Emerson Electric, and H&R Block. Missouri boasts several of the best public and private educational institutions in the US, including Truman State University, Lincoln University, Washington University, and Saint Louis University.