3556 Apartments for rent in Mississippi (MS)

The most religious state in the US, Mississippi is a place to travel back in time to the times of rural America. The state of slave-based labor and cotton fields, the Hospitality State witnessed the days of the black demographic majority, and today has the largest percentage of African Americans. Mississippi is politically active and distinctly stratified into white Republicans and African American Democrats – a curious case of differentiation. The Magnolia State is essential with music – consider taking the Mississippi Blues Trail that leads you through the milestones of blues history or visit the hometowns of the famous musicians from Elvis Presley to David Banner and Leontyne Price. The state capital Jackson attracts young dancers from all over the world for the USA International Ballet Competition. The Magnolia Independent Film Festival in Starkville is one of the oldest in the nation. The majority of jobs in the state come from agriculture, but large automotive producers including Nissan and Toyota have their factories in Mississippi. Mississippi State University and the University of Southern Mississippi got on the list of best national institutions.