247 Apartments for rent in North Dakota (ND)

Vast but rather densely populated, diversified, ethnic, unique – there’s North Dakota for you. The two major cities – Bismarck and Fargo (yes, the Coen brothers Fargo) feature all the major art venues of the Roughrider State. North Dakota still hosts ethnic Native American pow wow parades (or dance festivals, or whatever they are); it’s pure fun! Add Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian, and German influences to get a taste of culture in North Dakota. Literally, a taste: the cuisine of the Peace Garden State is unlike any other Midwestern state. Pay no attention it’s a habitually agricultural state with few inclusions of technology, petroleum, and food processing; instead, North Dakota has the fastest growing GDP in the nation. Notable employers (unprecedentedly state-owned) are the Bank of North Dakota and North Dakota Mill and Elevator. There are also Amazon and Microsoft, a nice bonus for tech nerds. Among the two dozen colleges and schools of higher education, the North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota are the largest.